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Leather Sectionals: Durable, Modern Yet Classic, Flexible Furnishing

Leather sectionals are very new age and yet have that classic appeal that is right for any style of home or office.



Leather Sectionals

by Sandhya Thukaram

Play Around With Leather Sectionals

There’s something classic, hardy and eternal about leather furniture. Add to this, leather sectionals, and you get a fun and contemporary dimension. Leather sectionals are very new age and yet have that classic appeal that is right for any style of home or office. It reminds me of the Mews in Kensington, London with their ultra modern interiors – a perfect blend of the old and the new. What I particularly like about leather sectionals is that they can fit into an office environment or a home environment without taking away from the ambience of either.

Leather sectionals are above all very comfortable. Sectionals break the boring symmetry of a room without being incongruous. The great thing about leather sectionals is that you can design them to fit any size room of any shape without it looking awkward. They can be long and short, curved and rounded, straight or at an angle but however large the piece, leather sectionals never end up looking bulky and that is what makes it so cool.

Because of their neo-classical appeal, leather sectionals can co-exist with any style of furniture. You could have low mattresses and bright cushions all over and yet fit in leather sectionals. You could, on the other hand have antique furniture and still manage to blend it in with leather sectionals.

Leather Sectionals Are Not Cheap But...

If you are looking for cheap, inexpensive furniture then perhaps leather sectionals are not your thing. And yet considering the longevity factor and how multi-dimensional leather sectionals are, it is great value for money. The Internet offers you a wide range of leather sectionals and you can find some great deals.

My suggestion though is while shopping for leather sectionals, let price not be the predominant criteria. Given it’s classic nature, go by quality of leather, size, dimensions, color and how you can fit it into the room you are buying it for.

A Leather Sectional By Any Name Is Still A Leather Sectional

In my search for leather sectionals, I came across several with rather fancy names. Different companies have different versions and names for similar furniture. I came across a right Arm Facing Loveseat, which conjures up visions of cozy romance. There are some great leather sectionals designed specifically to make movie or television viewing at home a completely comfortable experience. There are two piece sectionals that you can join or place apart. I find that some of the best prices you can pay for leather sectionals average between $1200 -$1800.

But keep in mind these are very basic prices and considered good deals. Depending on brands, styles and custom made pieces; leather sectionals can be way more expensive. Having said that, if you look hard enough you can find leather sectionals that suit your requirements. I found a one arm loveseat, left hand facing, antique, leather sectional for about $1386 and an armless sofa sectional for about $759, both of which I’m tempted to buy. The one thing I’m sure though is that I’ll never regret my purchase!

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