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Louis Vuitton Wholesale: The Affordable Way to Vuitton

It was a discovery that has almost become a passion, as I now keep abreast with the latest bags available and try to check what Louis Vuitton wholesale price I can get it at.


Louis Vuitton Wholesale

by Sandhya Thukaram

The Beginning Of My Tryst With Louis Vuitton Wholesale Bags:

I was never really a bag person. Clothes and shoes were really all I was interested in and I was fine with one smart bag to fit in all my basics and to carry through any season or fashion. My interest in bags as a fashion statement, especially Louis Vuitton bags happened almost inadvertently.

My friend trotted up swinging her new Louis Vuitton, not a Louis Vuitton wholesale purchase mind you and asked what I thought of it. It was smart and looked of excellent quality but that didn’t prepare me for the price she’d paid for it - $2000 for a limited version.

I was in shock but it got me noticing peoples bags more closely. Curiosity led to the need to acquire but I definitely couldn’t afford the retail price of a Louis Vuitton bag and that is when I discovered Louis Vuitton wholesale. It was a discovery that has almost become a passion, as I now keep abreast with the latest bags available and try to check what Louis Vuitton wholesale price I can get it at.

Louis Vuitton Bags Galore:

The choice that Louis Vuitton wholesale purchase offers you is quite comprehensive. The prices though are the clinching factor. Getting on the net, I found great Louis Vuitton wholesale deals. A lot of what was on offer with one particular wholesaler was a buy one, get one free offer. Very tempting indeed. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Theda GM I found selling at $300.00. Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack at $145. The Louis Vuitton wholesale price of the Papillon set is just $140.00. One of the least expensive Louis Vuitton bags is the Vuitton Pouchette at $120.00. The Rainbow Papillon bag is quite cool and costs $165.00. For a conservative looking Louis Vuitton bag, the Viva cite GM is a good choice and the wholesale price is $160.00. I’ve become such a bag aficionado that it is almost a case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach or in this case my bank balance. I can’t seem to decide which bag is my favorite though I suspect the “Raspberry Lining” Louis Vuitton Multicolor Theda PM is up there. The wholesale price is $300.00.

Is Louis Vuitton Wholesale Shopping The Real Thing?

The one thing that Louis Vuitton wholesale distributors make quite clear is that they are not affiliated to the company but offer the same high quality and styles at unbeatable prices. There are tons of Louis Vuitton replicas and a lot of them seem of very good quality. Of these though, there are a couple of Louis Vuitton wholesale dealers who give you the real thing. A disclaimer by one of the Louis Vuitton wholesalers states that a minimum order of four bags should be placed. But the four bags can be of different styles.

They also give a quality assurance most times stating that the whole Louis Vuitton wholesale bags are the same top quality as the bags being retailed. This means that the dust covers, leather, engraved brass hardware, shoulder straps, etc are of the very same quality. Different wholesalers have different return/exchange policies though the common stipulation is that the wrapping should be intact, the bag in perfect condition and the dealer informed within 3 days of receiving the bags. Personally, I find it safer to purchase Louis Vuitton wholesale bags with a credit card or atleast to know I have the option instead of dealing with a wholesaler who deals only with money orders or cashier cheques.

Be prudent, spend some time checking styles and comparing prices and then go on a Louis Vuitton wholesale shopping spree!

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