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Lumber Liquidators: Beautiful Hardwood Floors at 60% Savings

Lumber Liquidators also offers a 50-year warranty on their products, among the best in the industry.





Lumber Liquidators

by Bob Ellal

Lumber Liquidators has 60 stores nationwide that sell pre-finished and unfinished hardwood floors at reduced prices, often up to a 60% savings over other retail outlets. They are able to do this because they manufacture their own product line called Bellawood. They skip the middleman and present the product directly to the consumer. Lumber Liquidators also offers a 50-year warranty on their products, among the best in the industry.

The company was started when a man named Tom Sullivan, who was running a construction company at the time, had an idea to buy unused wood from other construction companies and retailers and resell it. The idea took off—and the result is Lumber Liquidators.

The U.S. hardwood floor market grew 6% to $2 billion in 2003. About 90% of wood flooring sales is for residential installations and today hardwood-flooring consumption is influenced by the residential replacement and repair market (TA Associates $35 Million Investment in Lumber Liquidators, Inc.

Lumber Liquidators’ manufactures its own Bellawood flooring and its quality and price are unbeatable. Its most popular flooring products are finished Brazilian cherry and red oak. Lumber Liquidators also offers flooring in American cherry, walnut, ash, beech, birch and hickory, as well as exotic woods such as Bolivian rosewood, mesquite, and teak.

Lumber Liquidators’ Bellawood provides products for “Ask this Old House” on PBS. And Bob Vila, the world’s best-known handyman, recently put Bellawood flooring in his home.

To maintain your beautiful Lumber Liquidators hardwood floor, remember to vacuum it regularly. Dirt can scratch the finish. You can put welcome mats and rugs at all entrances to the house to try to stop dirt from entering on guests’ shoes, but a friend of mine has an even better solution. He has a restored 18th century house with hardwood floors, and he insists all guests take their shoes off inside the door on an area rug. It also has the effect of being a great leveler; it makes everyone, rich or poor, male or female feel equal.

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