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Dr. Lynda Harvey-Carter,
O.M.D., L.Ac.
Medical Help, Medical Advice

Dr. Harvey-Carter has been practicing for 15 years. She has OMD (Doctorate in Oriental Medicine) from Emperor's College Los Angeles, and is a California Licensed Acupuncturist. She is also a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara.

Lynda specializes in autoimmune disease (particularly CFIDS and HIV), women's health, infertility, and psychosomatic illness.

  • Knowledge: Lynda engages in eastern and western medical detective-work to discover the cause of your condition, and then...
  • Power: Treats you with the most effective modalities for your condition; acupuncture, vitamins and minerals, chinese herbs, diet, enzymes, and/or clinical psychology.

Lynda practices in San Diego and Rancho Bernardo, California.

  • To make an appointment to see Lynda in San Diego, please email her at lynharv at hotmail dot com (written out to fool spam harvesters). Please note: Lynda cannot personally respond to every email in detail. For feedback on your situation, make an in-person appointment.

More about Lynda:

  • Dr. Harvey-Carter created Natural Slumber, the Chinese herbal sleep formula.
  • She created the "Natural Post-Op Program" which utilizes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for faster healing after surgery.
  • She is a professor in the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine's Masters Program. She has developed several integrated medicine courses there, and helped PCOM get approval for their new Ph.D. program.
  • She is a practice management writer and lecturer.
  • She prescribes and distributes Transformations Enzymes for digestion and therapeutic uses.

Articles by Dr. Harvey-Carter:

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