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Midwest Express Airline: An Airline Just for the Midwest!

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Midwest Express Airlines has a reputation for “The best care in the air” and they stand up to that.


Midwest Express Airline

by Rachel Johnson

Looking for a Midwest Express Airline?

Well, you’re in luck! There actually is such an airline! Midwest Express Airline services the Midwest like no other airline! Midwest Express Airline is able to specialize in the flight needs of those flying into and out of the Midwest.

Is Midwest Express Airline new?

No! In 1984 the company started service as a subsidiary of K-C Aviation. They’ve been around since then! It’s only if you are looking for a Midwest Express Airline or travel through the Midwest that you may happen upon them. They are not high profile like some of the major airlines, so many people just aren’t aware that they’re around.

Great Service! Midwest Express Airlines knows what you’re looking for!

Midwest Express Airlines has a reputation for “The best care in the air” and they stand up to that. With everything from extra legroom, plush signature service jets, and low fares that won’t be beat! If you travel in and out of the Midwest chances are you can get some of the best rates through Midwest Express Airline. All of the major fare finder websites just as Expedia and Orbitz can schedule Midwest Express Airline flights.

Where do you need that Midwest Express Airline to take you?

Midwest Express Airline offers flights to major destinations throughout the United States. They have a very comprehensive website that can tell you where and when you can travel with them. Midwest Express Airline has a fare finder available on their website that is fast, quick, and easy! If you prefer not to make your travel arrangements on the web they have several toll free reservation numbers that will direct you to a friendly and helpful Midwest Express Airline agent.

Where is Midwest Express Airline located?

The main hub is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Midwest Express Airline connects the Midwest with the rest of the United States! Because they are located in the Midwest they are familiar with the territory that they service which enables them to provide excellent customer care.

Is Midwest Express Airline a legit company?

Of course! Midwest Air Group, who is the parent company of Midwest Express Airlines, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Stock quotes are available on the Midwest Express Airline website.

The only real difference between Midwest Airlines and other major carriers is that their flights originate out of one specific area. This is good! This means that Midwest Express Airline flights are designed to serve the specific need of those flying to and from the Midwest


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