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Music subscriptions to generate $890 mln in 2009

Jupiter Research expects music subscriptions by 2009 to outpace downloads, generating $890 mln in revenues versus $800 mln for download sales. Sales of digital downloads in 2004 jumped to nearly 200 mln copies from 20 mln in 2003.

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40% want to buy music online, 8% prefer music subscriptions

Portable music services will not have a big impact in 2005, according to Parks Associates. Respondents in the recent survey strongly favored the single-track purchase model over a subscription when presented with both options. Roughly 40% said they were likely to buy songs one at a time, but only 8% were likely to use a subscription service.

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78% of British teenagers listen to music online, most of them on Yahoo! Launch

Nielsen//NetRatings claims 2.2 mln 12–17 year olds turned to the Internet for entertainment in December 2004. This represents 78% of all the 12-17 year olds online in the UK over this period. Music and online games sites attract the largest number of young adults within the entertainment category. In December 2004, almost 50% of all 12–17 year olds visited a music site, favouring Yahoo! Launch, and AOL music channel, as well as iTunes and MTV. The split of male to female is almost evenly matched in this age group at 52% to 48% respectively. This is different to later on in life, where men dominate with 60-70% of the overall audience, particularly in the 45+ age group.

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Music player market shares

Apple Computer and HP enjoyed an overwhelming market share in September 2004 music player sales. HP's hard-drive based music player is based on Apple iPod architecture, and two vendors owned a combined 90.9% of the hard drive music player market.

Hard drive-based music player market shares in September 2004
Vendor Market share, %
Apple Computer 87.3
Hewlett-Packard 3.6
Rio 2.8
Creative 2.6
iRiver 1.5

Source: NPD Group

Flash-based music player market enjoyed better competition with iRiver and Rio vying for top spots, according to NPD World. Flash-based player sales grew 21% from August 2004 while hard drive-based players grew at 12.2%. In comparison to September 2003, hard drive-based players had a 409% increase while flash players were up just 4.6%.

Flash-based music player market shares in September 2004
Vendor Market share, %
iRiver 18.8
Rio 18.6
Digital Way 15.8
RCA 8.8
Samsung 6.2

Source: NPD Group

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