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Mustang for Sale: New and Classic High Performance Beauties

At a maximum speed of around 170 mph it really is a joyful contemplation for those with the money to consider Mustang for sale!




Mustang for Sale

by Peter Sylvester

My first glimpse of a Mustang was a huge red beast with (I believe) 7.3 litres marked on the back.

I was gob smacked. What size - what power. My own mini not only couldn’t keep up with the Mustang - if it had it would have undertaken rather than overtaken it. The Mustang was huge!

Even at a more sedate 4.6 litres a Mustang for sale is still a pretty big beast (well in Britain at least) and one I will buy (someday)!

And one of the great things about a Mustang for sale is you can buy them from their inception (first produced in 1964) up to the present day.

But Mustang for sale from nearly new to five or ten years old is one thing - classic old Mustang for sale is an entirely different purchase.

Mustang for Sale - 1966

My real desire is for a 1966 Mustang convertible. With a wheelbase of 108 inches and weighing 2650 pounds - it is my dream.

Ideally (and let’s face it I’m dreaming) I’d want an engine compartment with correctly installed Ford Blue air cleaner and valve covers! And just to add to that ‘je ne sais quoi’ it should boast Pony Interior in two tone blue and white - complete with those back seat nags!!

With matching blue trim this would make me really happy. Finished with a wood grain steering wheel, dash and glove box straight from the factory of 1966 it would sit with great pride on my driveway.

But this Mustang for sale would simply be too expensive - not really to buy so much as to run - British petrol is very very dear and Mustangs not noted for fuel economy!

Mustang for Sale - 2000

So maybe more modern would be better? I think not - too expensive - but lovely to contemplate.

The 2000 Cobra R is not only a race car - but a modern icon and vehicle manager Tom Scarpello says “ This car elevates the whole idea of Mustang without changing what it’s been for more than thirty five years.

The Cobra R (if you want the technicalities) has roughly 385 horsepower, a 5.4 litre four valve DOHC V8 engine, a McLeod aluminium flywheel, a Tremec six speed manual transmission, 18 x 9.5 inch wheels etc etc

At a maximum speed of around 170 mph it really is a joyful contemplation for those with the money to consider Mustang for sale!

So- maybe I can’t buy one today - but tomorrow….and tomorrow……….and tomorrow……oh well……… day!!

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