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NADA Blue Book: Wow That's a Real Special Book!

The NADA Blue Book guides are the largest appraisal guides in the world.


NADA Blue Book

by Joel Jacobson

What is the NADA Blue Book?

You’ve probably heard of the Kelly Blue Book. The NADA Blue Book is by the National Automobile Dealers Association. This Association was founded in 1917, and represents 19,700 new car and truck dealers. NADA also provides a wide variety of services to the automobile industry for its dealers. It represents them on Capitol Hill, does research and develops data on the automobile industry, and operates training and service programs for its dealers.

There are NADA Blue Book guides for all sorts of transportation. They have guides for new cars, used cars, classic cars, motorcycles, boats, recreation vehicles (including snowmobiles, ATV’s, and personal watercraft), and manufactured homes. They tend to be much more accurate because they are from the actual dealers themselves, not outside 3rd parties. The NADA Blue Book guides are the largest appraisal guides in the world. They have been the industry leader in appraisals since 1933.

One nice thing that the NADA Blue Book offers is price quotes on Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, or CPO. Typically, a CPO vehicle is a used car which has gone through an inspection process that is quite rigorous, and that the vehicle has an extended warranty beyond the car’s existing warranty. Other criteria that a car must be in order to become Certified Pre-Owned are its age limits, very little wear and tear, no major body damage sustained in it’s lifetime, no inadequate repairs, and fewer miles than a standard non-certified used car.

NADA Blue Book guides also let you compare similar vehicles but different manufacturers. For example, you can compare features, options, and pricing of a Dodge Durango vs. the Ford Explorer. You can read up on new car test reviews to see what the experts have to say about a specific vehicle you may be looking for. You can get a vehicle history report of any vehicle online by typing in the vehicle’s VIN number. Also online, NADA Blue Book lets you search dealer inventories, and receive new car dealer quotes. Also online you can look for vehicles that offer special incentives and rebates for new customers. Insurance quotes, e-loans, and new car quotes with every available option are also online for you to use. It’s very fast, efficient, and convenient.

So whether you’re looking for a new car, used car, boat, RV, or whatever the case may be, the NADA Blue Book is something that can be used to compare prices, check background information, and make a more informed decision on your next transportation or recreational vehicle purchase.


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