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Nature Cure, by Henry Lindlahr, MD:



Why did the Federal Trade Commission Sue Kevin Trudeau in 1998, and ban him from infomercials in 2004?
by Brian Carter, MS, LAc

Brian is a medical professor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and author of Powerful Body, Peaceful Mind: How to Heal Yourself with Foods, Herbs, and Acupressure.
What does Kevin Trudeau look like?
It's surprisingly difficult to find a photo of Kevin Trudeau. Hmmm...

Some of my patients have been asking me if I knew about this book, "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About" that's getting promoted a lot on TV. (Quick tip: the more commercials you see/hear about a natural product, the more skeptical you should be)

Some people get taken by every new weight loss scam there is... they're too gullible. I haven't read Kevin Trudeau's new book (too busy telling you about remedies based in science and 2500 years of tradition), but I want you to know some things about his history that are a matter of public record.

These are some items you can check out yourself- they're all too easy to find on a quick search of google.:

Kevin Trudeau Banned from Infomercials: Trudeau Settles Claims in Connection with Coral Calcium Supreme and Biotape (read it on the Federal Trade Commission website) "Trudeau agreed to these prohibitions and to pay the FTC $2 million to settle charges that he falsely claimed that a coral calcium product can cure cancer and other serious diseases and that a purported analgesic called Biotape can permanently cure or relieve severe pain." Another copy of the banned from infomercials story.

Ad Claims For "Hair Farming," "Mega Memory System," "Addiction Breaking System," "Action Reading," "Eden's Secret," and "Mega Reading" Were Deceptive. Copy of 1998 FTC press release.

Some insights on Trudeau from an "MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Survivor". "...the conviction for running an illegal pyramid scheme and the $1 million fine that Trudeau had to pay as a result of his informercial fraud? The Postal Service investigation? The investigations by all those Attorneys General?"

A review of Kevin Trudeau from Only Reviews, "Honest Opinions on Internet Opportunities": "Like millions of other Americans, I have good reason not to trust Kevin Trudeau...In my opinion the name Kevin Trudeau will always be associated with fraud, lies, deception, and false advertising. I personally would have nothing to do with him or his products. Obviously I don't recommend anything produced by Kevin Trudeau."

I report, you decide.

September 2005 update on Kevin Trudeau and his Natural Cures... he had two lawyers send me two notices that claimed I was violating his trademark and using his name without permission.

This is ridiculous on both counts- you don't need someone's permission to write about them, especially you're presenting facts from other sources like the FTC, and you can't trademark a book title.

I wrote back both times asking for more information and never got a response.

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