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Nissan Repair Manual for the Do-It-Yourselfer


Not all manuals are the same, so be sure to choose the Nissan repair manual that’s right for you.






Nissan Repair Manual

by Steve Unwin

How and where to find the right Nissan Repair Manual for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Getting the correct repair manual for your Nissan can be a confusing since there are so many choices and strange terms involved. Lets clear up a couple things first.

A Nissan owner’s manual comes with the car and describes how the turn signals, windshield wipers and other everyday features of the cars work. This is distinct from the Nissan repair manual, which covers topics a Do-It-Yourselfer might be interested in. The Nissan repair manual will provide general information for diagnosis and repair of drivetrain, suspension, steering, electrical and other technical aspects of the car.

Haynes, and Chilton each publish their own Nissan Repair Manual. They sell for about $20-30. The Nissan factory service manual is what the professionals use. This book, which is published by Nissan, covers every conceivable topic related to the diagnosis and repair of your vehicle, and does it in the most detailed and comprehensive way. This book usually costs over $100, and is not needed by the average home mechanic.

Now that we understand that we are looking from a Nissan repair manual, we need to decide between Haynes and Chilton. My personal recommendation is the Haynes manual. It has more pictures and more detailed explanations than the Chilton manual, but both are good.

You will also need to determine the particular manual to buy since they make different ones for different cars. Usually they make one manual to cover several similar types of cars and years. For example there are two manuals that cover Maximas, one is from years 1993-01, and the other is for years 1985-92. Another manual groups Sentras and 200SX cars together. Not all manuals are the same, so be sure to choose the Nissan repair manual that’s right for you.

You can obtain a Haynes Nissan Repair Manual at your local parts stores including Pep Boys, Autozone, Kragen, etc. Chilton books are harder to obtain at parts stores. You can also get these repair manuals online through Ebay,, or

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