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Articles by Steve Unwin


Is Steve Unwin a Gearhead? I'd say so, and since he hasn't sent me a bio yet, I'm going to keep on saying it.

Steve is through and through an engineer, and he was fortunate enough to spend many of his teenage years learning auto repair from an aging guru mechanic.





Articles by Steve Unwin

  • Nitto Tires - The guy who was installing them said Nitto Tires have the least returns and last the longest of any new tire that he’s seen... and he’d been in the business for 9 years.
  • Nissan Repair Manual - Not all manuals are the same, so be sure to choose the Nissan repair manual that’s right for you.
  • Used Nissan Engine - Don’t get into a situation where you have a “new” used Nissan engine and it doesn’t run because the starter is missing. You have to keep an inventory of what parts the donor engine should have.
  • Used Honda Accord II - Even though a new car is a great way to go, generally speaking you can find the best deal on a used Honda Accord.
  • Honda Engine Swap - It is possible to fix the engine, but that can take a lot of time and money. Instead you might consider doing a Honda engine swap from another car with less miles on it.
  • Mustang Body Kit: Improve Performance and Make Your Stang Unique - The question - why get a mustang body kit - is as silly as asking why lift your truck or wear jewelry. If you have to ask, then never mind.



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