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Nitto Tires- Low Cost, Tough, Great Experience


The guy who was installing them said Nitto Tires have the least returns and last the longest of any new tire that he’s seen... and he’d been in the business for 9 years.






Nitto Tires

by Steve Unwin

Recently, on two of our family cars I’ve noticed some low tread thickness, which indicates that I’ll need new tires soon. Currently we have Goodyear MTR tires on our Jeep, and Nitto Tires on our 4runner. I bought the Jeep tires a few years ago, and acquired the Nitto Tires when we bought the 4runner.

The 4runner is a daily driver for my wife and she does about 100 miles per day. I’m looking for a good street tire with some off road performance capabilities, and not too expensive.

The Jeep on the otherhand is a garaged vehicle that only gets taken out on the weekends to play. I’m looking for something with aggressive off road tread, sidewall puncture resistance, and plenty of grip

While looking for tires I went to discount tire to comparison-shop the brands. I reduced the many options down to Goodyear and Nitto Tires. Goodyear Tires because of their excellent reputation, and Nitto Tires because of their performance numbers. Nitto Tires is a relatively unknown name, but is well respected in some automotive circles.

I ultimately decided on the Nitto Tires because of the experience of the guy at the Tire shop. Not the salesman but the guy who was installing them. He said Nitto Tires have the least amount of returns and last the longest of any new tire that he’s seen, and he’d been in the business for 9 years. That’s saying a lot.

For the Jeep, I decided to get the Mud Grappler tire. According to Nitto Tire’s website, the Mud Grappler tires are designed to provide exceptional off-road performance. It does this by employing huge side lugs and computer designed tread pattern for improved rock crawling traction, as well as siping for improved performance on snow and slush. This is just the tire I need for the driving that I like to do.

The 4runner needed something different. I settled on the Terra Grappler. The Terra Grappler, is the latest offering from Nitto Tires specifically designed for light trucks and SUVs. Its intended to encompass off-pavemetn needs while maintaining superiour on pavement ride and handling

Nitto Tires, although reletively new to the game, has made a big name for itself and impressed the heck out of me. I fully expect to have high mileage and excellent performance from these tires. So far I’ve driven them on the jeep as well as the 4runner, and have been completely satisfied with them.

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