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Pampered Chef Recipe: Kitchen Success is Easy As Pie

Thanks to Doris Christopher, founder and chairman of the Pampered Chef, recipe for kitchen success is as easy as, well, pie.



Pampered Chef Recipe

by Amy Finley

Pampered Chef Recipe for Kitchen Success

How many hours a week does the average person spend in the kitchen? For most of us, too many. Even if you love to cook and bake, there are many annoyances and inefficiencies in kitchenware that can detract from the joy of creating your edible masterpieces.

If you don’t love to cook, well that’s even more reason to find ways to make things simpler, easier, and more efficient that produce quality (dare we say gourmet?) results in the kitchen. Thanks to Doris Christopher, founder and chairman of the Pampered Chef, recipe for kitchen success is as easy as, well, pie.

A Cup of Craftsmanship

The first ingredient in the Pampered Chef recipe for kitchen success is craftsmanship. Pampered chef products are high quality, durable, easy to use, and easy to maintain – all trademarks of well-crafted products. The materials used to make Pampered Chef items are carefully thought out to create the most ease and efficiency in the kitchen from recipe prep to clean up.

A Pinch of Passion

The Pampered Chef recipe for success in the kitchen ingredient number two is passion. The Pampered Chef products were created out of a strong desire for people to possess professional quality kitchen essentials in their own home. Let’s face it, it is much easier to do a job right when we have the right tools, and the Pampered Chef product line offers the cooking and baking items you need to create everything from creative quiches to delectable dips, inspired from Pampered Chef recipe ideas and fueled by your own imagination.

A Sprinkling of Stoneware

One of the essentials of the Pampered Chef recipe for kitchen success is the stoneware collection(s). Stoneware allows food to bake evenly and taste heavenly, and the Pampered Chef stoneware collections are perfect for both baking and displaying. From all-purpose items like the large round baking stone to individual fluted cake stoneware pieces, you can create gourmet even if your time restrictions or cooking ability scream ‘no way.’

Pampered Chef Recipe Secret

The Pampered Chef recipe collection is extremely popular, and while the recipes are great, the real secret to the Pampered Chef recipe collection is not in the recipes themselves.

The Pampered Chef recipe secret is in the cookware, bakeware, serving pieces, tools and utensils. This is because, while delicious, most recipes in the Pampered Chef recipe collection are pretty straightforward and simple, but when you are using high quality and efficient Pampered Chef products, you get great results with many recipes.

For example, take a plain cheese pizza recipe. Not so exciting on a regular baking sheet – in fact, someone in your family is bound to complain that their crust is burnt and others their crust is soggy or doughy. Pampered Chef recipe secret? You don’t have to change your cheese pizza recipe, just bake it in Pampered Chef’s deep dish stone, and voila! Your family will never ask you for (overpriced) pizza deliveries again!

Pampered Chef Recipe Results

I think all the Pampered Chef products are great (and no, I’m not a Pampered Chef kitchen consultant. But it’s a good thing I’m not. I’d probably horde all the inventory for myself and you’d never see your micro cooker or heavy duty quiche pan with fluting tool at all).

The Pampered Chef recipe for kitchen success is really to decide which items will be most useful to your cooking style and get them. Getting the items you need for your kitchen pays for itself in the long run. Besides, you work hard, you deserve to be a pampered chef. Recipe results will turn out better, and you’ll have more time and easier clean up when using Pampered chef products. Happy Baking!


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