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Philippine Phone Card: Minutes, Rates, and Service Charges Guide

A Philippine phone card is probably the most economical way to call the Philippines if you call frequently to speak with family or friends.


Philippine Phone Card

by Rachel Johnson

Philippine phone card vs. landline long distance

A Philippine phone card is probably the most economical way to call the Philippines if you call frequently to speak with family or friends. Local and long distance phone companies just don’t seem to be able to deliver the more affordable international calling rates that some calling cards can. If you use your long distance phone service you may spend over twenty cents a minute, compared to as low as eight cents a minute with a Philippine phone card.

Philippine phone card minutes, rates, and service charges

With most calling cards the more minutes you buy, the cheaper the call is by the minute. This isn’t always the case with a Philippine phone card. Calling great distances is expensive, and because of this, it doesn’t always seem to matter how many minutes you buy, the least you should expect to pay is about eight cents. If you get something cheaper than that, you should double check to be sure there aren’t any service or tolls you have to pay. Generally, these service or toll fees that you have to pay are astronomical, and in the end paying for a Philippine phone card with a slightly higher minute rate will be cheaper.

Philippine phone card resources

One of the best Philippine phone card resources is the internet. Many websites on the internet are able to offer you great savings, as well as compare the rates of other card services. One great website is, although there are many, many more like this. Shop around on the internet until you find something that you are comfortable with. As always, remember to read the fine print!!

Philippine phone card and quality connections

Most phone cards provide callers with a good connection, despite the distance between the two people conversing. You may be able to get a cheaper per minute rate, but you need to be careful of how you are being connected to your loved ones in the Philippines. If the rate is really cheap, perhaps it is because you are actually being routed through the internet. This isn’t illegal, in fact it’s a perfectly logical way to route calls, but you may lose a lot of quality, making the calling card a waste of money. If you’d sacrifice quality for price, then go for it! Not all internet routing will affect call quality, so you just need to be sure to read the fine print very carefully!

Once you find a Philippine phone card that works for you, you might as well keep using the same provider! If you have something that works, don’t bother with something else! If something seems to good to be true, it is, especially when it comes to international calling rates!

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