Phones: Cellular, Wireless, Ringtones, Calling Cards, and More

Phones, Cellular Phones, Wireless, Calling Cards, and More



Wireless and Cellular Phones, Ringtones, etc.

  • Wireless Prepaid Phones - Many wireless phone companies offer great savings and packages on wireless prepaid phones.
  • Cellular Phone Faceplates - Cellular phone faceplates, they are the new “in thing” and they are designed for you…. You just need to decide which one is you. There are plenty out there for you to change your mind, over, and over, and over again.
  • Pay As You Go Cell Phone - All you need to know about the pay as you go cell phone option... before deciding the best cell phone plan for you.
  • Nokia Camera Phone - With the Nokia camera phone you can not only take pictures, but video too!
  • New Motorola Cell Phone - A new Motorola cell phone is on the way that has been developed with Apple computers. This new cell phone is designed to play music purchased from Apple’s iTunes online music store.
  • Verizon - Verizon offers over thirty phones, from a Nokia priced at $9.99 to a state-of –the-art Samsung that goes for $549.99.
  • ATT Wireless Phones - So, while ATT Wireless phones are still widely seen, ATT Wireless Phones service (AWS) is now provided by a completely different company – Cingular.
  • Free Cellular Ringtone Downloads
  • Phone Cards, Calling Cards
    • South Korea Phone Card - You may also incur monthly charges on a South Korea phone card – find out if there is a flat fee for buying the card or if you’ll be charged a monthly fee as well.
    • India Calling Card - I find it makes sense to buy an India calling card that will last a while versus cards of a smaller denomination.
    • Philippine Phone Card - A Philippine phone card is probably the most economical way to call the Philippine’s if you call frequently to speak with family or friends.
  • Phone Psychic - Even many otherwise completely rational people call phone psychic hotlines because they are compelled by the fascination of the supernatural.


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