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Phone Psychic: Pop Culture And The Supernatural Collide

Even many otherwise completely rational people call phone psychic hotlines because they are compelled by the fascination of the supernatural.


Phone Psychic

by Amy Finley

Why do so many people phone psychic hotlines? Here is a brief look at why the phone psychic phenomenon remains so prevalent in pop culture.

Personal Yet Anonymous

It may sound paradoxical, but when a person calls in to a phone psychic hotline, they get a service that allows them to simultaneously remain wonderfully anonymous, yet have a very private discussion about their personal life and concerns.

This blend of the personal/anonymous is appealing because no one (besides the psychic on the line) ever sees the person asking for help or not knowing the answers. In a self-reliant, winner-takes-all, survival-of-the-fittest (I could go on, but you get the point) kind of age, calling a phone psychic is an avenue of guidance seeking that’s virtually unseen by the outside world.

Add to this the fact that phone psychic hotlines are available virtually any time, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and people are hooked. After all, this is a convenience-loving age – everybody’s all over convenience, whether it’s in the form of automatic garage door openers, electric can openers, instant breakfast, or a phone psychic.

Peace of Mind – from a Phone Psychic?

As an answer-searching species, sometimes any answer is good enough for human beings. The unanswerable seems to be almost unbearable for many people. A call to a phone psychic offers answers to questions that seem otherwise unanswerable. Are they the right answers? Who knows, but they’re answers of some kind.

The most common concerns discussed with a phone psychic are those regarding love, money and finance, and health (not necessarily in that order). These three areas are so integral to people’s lives, finding some kind of certainty, whether it’s a good tarot reading or a bad one, seems to offer a kind of comfort.


The first professional mediums were the Fox sisters in New York, who were allegedly visited by spirits and set up tables in a local hall to demonstrate their supernatural gifts. Long before their following, though, people have been fascinated by the unknown and the spirit world – hence the pop culture development of phone psychics.

Even many otherwise completely rational people call phone psychic hotlines because they are compelled by the fascination of the supernatural. Phone psychic hotlines tap into this realm of the unknown and untouchable, so that people from many walks of life are drawn to the mystery and fascination of them.

Hollywood Inadvertently Encourages the Phone Psychic Business

Although you may not be encouraged to call a phone psychic hotline directly, show business does its fair share of encouraging this business by focusing on psychics, mediums, the supernatural, and other eerie phenomena. Some of the top rated TV shows and movies are popular primarily because their (sometimes weak) plots are spiced up with the supernatural. The thrill of sensational Hollywood associations with clairvoyance is easily accessible to the average person through a phone psychic

Plain Old Phone Psychic Fun

Most phone psychic hotlines give a disclaimer that the call is designed for entertainment purposes. Many people don’t really believe in them, but they call phone psychic hotlines just for fun.


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