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Pocono Resort: Great Family, Fun, or Romantic Resort Deals

Depending upon your lifestyle, there’s surely a Pocono Resort for you, your budget, and your family.


Pocono Resort

by Joel Jacobson

A stay at a Pocono Resort can’t be beat

A trip to the Pocono’s, and especially one of the many top notch Pocono Resort is one vacation destination you will surely come back to again and again.

The Pocono Mountains offers so many different things to many different people. You can have a quiet getaway, golf vacation, spa package, honeymoon, or a ski trip. While you’re there, you should really try a stay at a Pocono resort as well.

A great Pocono resort that has to be seen to be appreciated is the Skytop Lodgeno . The Skytop spans for miles and is majestic as a historic stone castle and is listed in the National Historic Register. It offers four star foods served three times daily. Walking through the hallways is like stepping back in time.

If you’re a honeymooner, or just want to stay at a romantic Pocono Resort, the Caesar’s Cove Haven is a favorite with its champagne glass cup Jacuzzi room that is one of a kind in the nation and is a favorite of honeymooners. It’s located on the shores of Lake Wallenaupack in Lakeville, PA. An all-inclusive stay includes all on-site activities, nightly entertainment, breakfast, dinner, indoor ice skating, roller skating, tennis and more.

For something more family oriented, a Pocono Resort that can’t be beat is the Brookdale. Brookdale bills itself as the land of family fun offering roller blading, biking, paddle boating, snow tubing, and indoor and outdoor pools. For the parents there’s oversized suites, all-inclusive pricing, Kids Kamp is open everyday, and the park is located in a peaceful setting of 250 private acre families and couples wooded estate in the heart of the Poconos.

In the north part of the Poconos there’s a Pocono resort that’s growing as a very large resort and rental community, the Woodloch Pines. This massive resort lays high in the hills near Ski Bear, Bear, and Masthope mountains. Woodloch Pines offers large vacation homes as well as quiet rooms. Rental homes are also available for couples and families. If you like to ski, this is the place to be.

The Crescent Lodge is another ideal Pocono Resort destination for couples. It’s a smaller lodge but is very upscale and has immaculate individual cabins. This is a couples only destination and the restaurant is in the four star category.

It’s amazing how many different choices of Pocono Resort there is. Depending upon your lifestyle, there’s surely a Pocono Resort for you, your budget, and your family. It’s definitely a vacation you won’t forget.


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