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Updated August 1, 2004





Progressive Eye Problem
by Gabrielle Matthieu, LAc

Gabrielle Mathieu is a Licensed Acupuncturist, with a graduate degree in Oriental Medicine. She has an undergraduate degree in medical technology and worked in hospitals as a lab technician for 12 years before coming to Oriental Medicine. She integrates both medicines in her Austin Texas practice.

Dear PulseMed:

I need advice! My wife has been on prednisone and it's being increased and for longer periods of time also to help fight a constant eye problem. She only has one good effective eye to start with and even the Docs are worried about how the eye problem isn't going away and her blood pressure continues to increase. She was told as a young woman that someday she might go blind because of her congenital problem in her bad eye. Now the present situation seems to lend itself to this also. Any advice? Help!

Thanks for your time and expertise!

Dear Mr. Irving,

It's difficult to advise you, as you have not disclosed the nature of the eye problem. You mention that she has a congenital problem in one eye, and then also mention her high blood pressure and increasing problems with the eye.

Certainly, high doses of prednisone do have many side effects, among them increased risk of osteoporosis and increased risk of infection. However, unless she has tried other modalities that show definite improvement, she might want to continue to follow her doctor's advice.

In the tradition I follow, there are certain acupuncture points that can be used for very specific functions, such as points to treat the optic nerve. Since your wife is facing serious consequences if she does not find an effective treatment for her eye, you might want to consider e-mailing someone experienced in diseases of the eye. You could look at this website.

Although I cannot recommend Dr. Tukam in Arizona personally, I did receive one anecdotal response that her treatment was effective. However, as in any commercial transaction, caution is advised.

Best of Luck,

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