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Puma Yoga Shoes: Blending Your Fit With Your Fashion

Puma yoga shoes are some of the most popular yoga shoes because of their combination of comfort, style, and flexibility.



Puma Yoga Shoes

by Amy Finley

Finding the Right Yoga Shoe

Although yoga is traditionally practiced barefoot, today, more and more people are wearing yoga shoes for better stability when performing yoga postures. The technology of high quality yoga shoes today are so comfortable, in fact, many feel that wearing them is just as comfortable as going barefoot. Puma yoga shoes are some of the most popular yoga shoes because of their combination of comfort, style, and flexibility.

The comfort, style, and flexibility found in Puma yoga shoes are not the only consideration to take into account when finding the right yoga shoe. The weight, breathability, form and snugness, and design are also important factors to consider.

Whether you go with Puma yoga shoes or another brand, if you are wearing shoes for yoga, they should have a snug, but comfortable fit, some cushioning, but not bulky outsole or design. A good yoga shoe should be breathable and lightweight so as enhance and not hinder your movements. Basically, for the right fit in a yoga shoe, it should lend some cushioning, traction, and support, but should feel like part of your foot.

Puma Yoga Shoes In and Out of the Studio

While some people prefer the stability of yoga shoes during yoga, many people look for lightweight, easy to slip on, comfortable, Puma yoga shoes just to wear back and fourth to the studio or gym. In fact, the lightweight and flexible nature of most yoga shoes make them perfect for other activities, like low-impact aerobics, running errands, and everyday pursuits.

Puma Yoga Shoes: Latest Styles

Two of the most popular styles in Puma yoga shoes are the Puma Criatura casuals, available in neutrals and pastels, and the Puma Tadasana casuals in suede. Both offer supple, lightweight support, flexibility, and comfort. For greater upper support, the Puma Aranya wn mesh and nubuc slip on yoga boot is a top pick.

Of course, if you’re looking for a comfortable shoe and great looking shoe to wear to and from the studio or gym, Puma offers dozens of other great styles in addition to Puma yoga shoes. From the super cute slip on lotus flip to the everyday hip 80’s style Morpheaus, you can find a great variety of fit and function in Puma shoes.

Other styles

Besides Puma yoga shoes, many brands offer quality and comfortable yoga shoes as well. The airy Adidas Mei mesh is a popular yoga shoe available in a variety of colors from calming pink to energy-packed orange. Earth Footwear’s Intrigue line, with a broad range of colors and designs and specially designed sole is also a favorite. The Reebok Zanchi yoga and Pilates shoe combines a sleek look and flexible comfort as well.

Buying Tips

Whether you decide to go with Puma Yoga shoes or another brand of yoga shoes, there are a couple of things you can do to get the best deal. One is to compare prices online at a couple of different sites to find the best price, and keep your eyes open for free shipping offers.

You can also sign up for e-mail alerts of when shoe retailers have quarterly, holiday, or other sales to get discounts on your Reebok, Adidas, Earth Footwear, or Puma yoga shoes. Lookout for flyers announcing openings of new shoe retailers or yoga apparel stores to get grand opening discounts or coupons.

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