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Rocky Boot: A Powerful Footwear Solution

Many of the Rocky boot styles are made with special Gore-Tex material, a patented fabric designed to create an unbeatable barrier from water and wind.



Rocky Boot

by Amy Finley

Why Buy Rocky?

The Rocky Boot Company has been around since 1932, proving they are a company with decades of experience. Rocky boots provide powerful footwear solutions in high quality, durable boots for outdoor activity, hiking, and hunting, winter, industrial work, police, EMS, and other duty boots, and western and casual wear.

A Real Life Rocky Boot Story

My husband swears by the Rocky boot. As a specialist in installing insulation, he’s on his feet 12-14 hours a day when work is busy, spending hours on stilts or crouching through crawl spaces, and trudges through slush, snow, ice, mud, and whatever else Northeast Ohio decides to dish out during the year on uneven terrain at jobsites.

He also loves hiking, climbing, and any extreme or outdoor activity. The Rocky boot is one of the only boot styles that are able to provide the level of comfort and durability he needs.

The Rocky Boot and You

If you are thinking of purchasing a pair of Rocky boots, presumably, you need a pair of powerful boots that will hold up to the long hours on the job or in the line of duty. Or maybe you need boots that will be strong enough to handle some abuse from hunting, hiking, or other outdoor activities. Or is it both? Whatever the case, the Rocky boot is durable enough to take on your life, and still provide the comfort you need to be the best in whatever you do.

Rocky boot styles can be found for men and women in all their lines, and they even offer kids styles in the outdoor line as well. The styles are tough, but look good, and many of their rugged casual styles are versatile as well as stylish.

Gotta Love the Gore-Tex

Many of the Rocky boot styles are made with special Gore-Tex material, a patented fabric designed to create an unbeatable barrier from water and wind. Add to this great technology the fact that Gore-Tex is also designed to maintain optimum breathability, and you’ve got a combo in Rocky boots and Gore-Tex that can’t be beat.

Rocky Boot Sales and Discounts

You can visit the Rocky boot website, but they suggest in the FAQ section that their website is set up more as an online brochure. Your best bet might be to shop around at several online boot retailers and find the best price on the Rocky boot in stock that’s right for you. If you’re in the market for savings on your Rockies, don’t forget to checkout the specials, bargain, or discount sections.


Rocky boots have a one year limited warranty from defects in workmanship or manufacturing, and Rocky boots with Gore-Tex have a 1-year warranty on the Gore-Tex fabric.

Some people do claim that their Rocky boots take a certain amount of time before they’re broken in, so you may want to allow for this and purchase your next Rocky boot early to allow for that.

Put a Rocky boot to the test, and your feet may thank you!


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