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Top Ranking Search Engines and Directories

Source: Hitwise Competitive Intelligence; most visited search engine and directories during the week ending Feb 19th, 2005



58% of Google users and 71% of Yahoo! users use other search engines

Top ranking search engines and searchers who use other search engines

Search engine
Unique searchers
Used another
Google Search
71.0 m
41.3 m
Yahoo! Search
46.8 m
33.1 m
MSN Search
40.3 m
28.0 m


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Brian Carter, MS, LAc, Acupuncturist, herbalist, and author

Brian B. Carter, MS

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert Consulting with
Brian Carter, M.S.

Brian Carter has built nearly a dozen websites for himself and others - they aren't always pretty, but they've brought more than half a million visitors since 1999- more than 20,000 per month in 2005, and, through various monetization strategies, this traffic has meant $5,000-20,000 monthly. Recently, he has devoted a limited number of hours per week to professional SEO consulting.

If you see any weird words, check my SEO Dictionary

Why Brian Carter's SEO Consulting?

I know, there are other SEO experts out there. A lot of them. Let me tell you what makes me a good choice:

  • I can get you more traffic and more money. I've had huge success in online traffic and revenue generation - Since moving my focus from alternative medicine writing to SEO, I've built pulsemed.org from a site that a couple thousand people visited a month in mid-2004 to 350,000 visits in February 2005. Current Alexa ranking out of the top 16 million web sites is in the 40,000's. I built the site's income just from hosting web advertisements from $600 per month to as much as $21,000 in February and March of 2005 (with the help of a bunch of great writers). I also make several hundred dollars a month in other referral earnings and sales of my book- more on that in products bullet below.
  • You can trust I'm using solid methods. My approach is scientific, results-oriented, facts-oriented. - I keep in close contact with SEO news (1, 2, & 3) and the experience and ideas of other SEO experts, but I am skeptical of speculation until it's proven (about 70% of what SEO experts talk about is theory, not proven fact). I implement a combination of good SEO principles and my own findings, and do frequent data analysis to refine my approach.
  • I get you better keyphrases than almost anyone is using. I have experience with all topics and hundreds of successful keyphrases - I have hand-picked about 1,300 keyphrases, chosen for their likely success in generating traffic and revenue. Almost all of them rank in the top 30 results for one of the big top 3 search engines. At times, I have had as many as 600 of them on the first page for their keyphrase's Google results. All of this has generated a large amount of data from which I've drawn a number of useful conclusions for SEO. Point being, I know how to choose vulnerable, profitable keyphrases. And having tried other keyphrase picking services like SiteSell's SBI! Manager and WordTracker, I think I've got a more accurately predictive method (WT's method, KEI is old news, too simple, and SBI's calculations are reliable because they're narrow, but thus they also miss some good keyphrases). Plus, I have hundreds of great keyphrases I haven't used that I can share with you.
  • My SEO will assure you of less tumbling in the storm. I have experience adapting to the ever-changing online environment - Most SEO experts have had to confront the fact that the biggest search engine right now (Google) frequently changes its algorithm, and seemingly not always for the better. The solution to this is to rely on a mix of engines for traffic (not put your eggs all in one basket), to adapt wisely when appropriate (rather than anxiously chasing Google all over the place), and to take these changes as possible indicators of the direction SEs will take in the future.
  • You can trust me to get the job done right. High business and ethical standards - This is my fifth small business, and two others are still running. I've developed a rational, realistic, bottom-line-oriented approach. I know what running a business means (concerns, limits, priorities), so I work well with other business owners. For myself, I prioritize spiritual growth and character development, so ethics are central to my life.
  • I can help you make more money in more ways. Generate revenue from a variety of products and services - I know how to make money online via ads, personal local services, long distance services, ebooks, print books , and audio products. The more traffic you have, the more you can earn... and then copywriting is the next step, for which I rely on the expertise of Teddi McDonald - a work in progress to get more earnings from my alternative medicine expertise... we're combining smarter marketing with SEO, and we'll be experimenting with writing and selling ebooks in the next few months. There's always room for growth in the products and services area once you're drawing traffic from SEO... and for getting new targeted traffic from SEO for specific new services.

SEO Services Performed By Brian Carter (Pulse Media International)

We provide our best efforts without any guarantee to obtain high organic rankings for your selected web sites with the following major search engines: AltaVista, AOL Web Search, Ask Jeeves, Teoma, AllTheWeb, Google, HotBot, Inktomi, IWon, Lycos, MSN, NetScape Search, Open Directory (dmoz), Yahoo Directory, and Yahoo Index (the "Search Engines").

SEO Company Services specifically include:

  1. Research and finalization of the keywords to be used in the promotion of the above web pages. This includes the identification of high-traffic keywords and selection of case, singular/plural, and tense for each keyword phrase. Likewise, we will research and select appropriate categories for submission to each directory.
  2. Revising existing Client pages to be optimized for the Search Engines. This is an iterative process that may involve many versions for each page. This includes a detailed review and alteration of the title, description, keywords, headings, comments, image alts, and link tags, and the text appearing in the body of the page. It also includes the insertion of popularity linkage technology to improve search engine spider navigation and rankings. This may involve adding visible text to various pages consistent with current design.
  3. Content review as appropriate to suggest keyword density, frequency, and distribution throughout your content. In some cases it may be appropriate to create additional site pages focused on specific content. In many cases it will be appropriate to revise content structure to comply with search engine and directory requirements.
  4. Submission of revised Client pages to each of the monitored Search Engines and directories. This is a manual process and is performed at least twice per month. Directory submissions will occur with prior approval of Client.
  5. Link recommendations will be provided to Client. These recommendations will be of sites already identified as linking to top sites for the Client keywords and that are candidates for adding links to the Client site.
  6. Online access to Ranking Reports showing the ranking of the Client web site in the monitored Search Engines and directories. Rankings will show where the top ranked page from the Client site(s) appear in the top 50 positions for the selected search engines and directories.
  7. Links: We will acquire an initial twenty-five inbound links to target pages within client site from keyword-associated and appropriate research sites. (We will NOT participate in any LinkFarm or similarly deceptive linking scheme).
  8. Review of Ranking Reports to determine if the above Web Site Pages require revisions or submission activity and if so, then those services are provided. This includes the performance of all above services should rankings be significantly lowered during the contract period.
  9. National projects include a program manager review and verbal status discussion once a month. During these calls the client is fully briefed on the progress made and the next steps in the project. [local projects use email communications since they are at a greatly reduced fee.]

Brian Carter (Pulse Media International) agrees to render services reasonably necessary to obtain this result. Upon completion of rankings by the Search Engines, our SEO company will continue to regularly monitor Client's Web Site Pages for the term of this Agreement.

Our SEO Code of Ethics

Seeing Weird words? Check my SEO Dictionary

Support Performed By Client

Client agrees to provide reasonable support when upgrading Client web site pages with Brian Carter (Pulse Media International) provided additions or changes. This support includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Constructing web pages containing code to aid in Search Engine Optimization as defined by Brian Carter (Pulse Media International) - Brian does not do web or graphic design!
  2. Uploading files in a prompt manner when provided by Brian Carter (Pulse Media International)
  3. Testing and approving changes provided by Brian Carter (Pulse Media International)
  4. Providing reasonable notification to Brian Carter (Pulse Media International) of any changes to the Web Site Pages initiated by Client
  5. If programming of dynamic pages is required to integrate Brian Carter (Pulse Media International) changes, all changes will be performed by Client staff in a timely and complete manner
  6. Client is responsible for providing server space and directories as defined by Brian Carter (Pulse Media International) to hold pages associated with SEO efforts
  7. Client is responsible for providing a unique IP address for each promoted web site home page
  8. Client is responsible for providing the Brian Carter (Pulse Media International) with FTP access to the Client web site unless determined inappropriate by Client policy
  9. Client shall participate in, pay for, and manage all positioning opportunities when associated with the pay-per-click Search Engines and keywords. Client shall approve and pay for all appropriate directory and search engine index submissions
  10. If Client desires copywriting or copy improvement to increase their conversion rates, they are responsible for engaging a copywriter to work with their web designer, and they will present Brian's SEO advice to the copywriter- Brian is not responsible for lower than expected rankings if copywriter or designer do not implement his advice

Local Project Pricing

At a local level we offer a reduced-fee program that covers five pages from the client site. The client will provide a geographic area (region) name [usually a city], their company name, with nine generic keywords to be used only in combination with the region and company name, their domain name, and the site owner name for a total of about twenty keywords.

The generic keywords are NEVER optimized alone - they are only used in combination with region or company (i.e., "las vegas" and "hotels" will ONLY result in "las vegas hotels" as a keyword, never "hotels" by itself). We will optimize the client site with these keywords in a manner that allows combinations of these words to be located in the search engines.

We will also submit the site to local directories (some may involve additional fees such as Yahoo!) and seek free links from other sites within the region. Note that if you want generic keyword Search Engine Optimization then your project is not local and you should review "National" pricing and services.

Local projects are under special pricing and limitations. Local pricing is fixed at $795 per month covering 20 keyword phrases for a minimum term of 12 months, first and last month payment due at time of signing. American Express, Mastercard or Visa required for automatic billing.

National Project Pricing

At a national level we offer a fixed-fee program that covers six (smallest project) or more pages (common projects are 12+ pages) from the client site. We will optimize the client site with generic keyword phrases appropriate for the content of the client site in a manner that allows combinations of these words to be located in the search engines. As part of this program we will also research and acquire approximately twenty-five appropriate inbound links based upon your target keywords.

National projects involve thirty or more generic terms and require that several pages from your site be individually tuned and submitted. Our projects expand to fit your needs. Rates vary to include content development, link development, and technical Search Engine Optimization as appropriate to the user site.

SEO Needs Inquiry Form

Multinational Projects

At this time, we are developing international SEO experts and gathering data on SEO in other languages and cultures. Thus, it would be premature for us to engage in multinational projects. If this is your sole interest, try another firm, or check back in a few months.


Discounts per client will be applied for larger projects, commonly ten percent for twelve pages or more, with a maximum discount of twenty percent for projects of twenty-four or more pages. Clients optimizing four six-page domains will qualify for the twenty-four page discount.

Average Costs

Our most common SEO company project has an average cost of $50 per day (your mileage may vary). If you cannot generate $100 per day in additional business by being found more often in the search engines (getting more traffic), what are you even doing on the Internet? Also note that starting at about $40 per day (based upon your page count) you cannot train and pay a competent employee to perform these tasks!

Custom projects are available to fit any needs! You may want to have your staff do the work, but utilizing our tools and techniques. In such cases we would develop a training, technology, and consulting quote for your site. Whatever your needs, we can meet them.

Using this information, you should be able to calculate your costs for almost any number of pages. The more pages we promote, the broader (more engines) and higher (better) your ranking will be.

SEO Needs Inquiry Form

Is SEO Forever? Are the rankings you achieve stable?

Once your site is ranked, you certainly want to make sure your ranking is not lost. Sometimes a site will fall off of the engines and it needs to be resubmitted. If that does not replace the page we determine the cause. If trivial, we just fix it. If a major problem (usually a major change in the search engine algorithm or data base technology itself), then it is likely to require significant effort to regain that ranking. Also, your regular revisions to the site might require a quick tweak to keep things right. Losing the placement we have worked hard to obtain is not desired, and regular attention to rankings is important. It is just nice to be on top of things.

Click here for more SEO Frequent Questions and Answers (FAQ)

SEO Needs Inquiry Form

Our SEO Ethics 1

Whereas all parties are working towards presenting relevant and high quality information in an easy to use format to information seekers, and whereas SEO practitioners are being contracted to assist clients in obtaining higher rankings for client pages, we (and those linking to this page) are voluntarily adhering to the below SEO Code of Ethics:

No SEO practitioner will intentionally do harm to a client. This involves the continued use of any technology or procedure (without appropriate care) that is known to result in having the client site removed from search engine indexes or directories, or rendered inoperative. Questionable adherence to standards must be addressed via the Robots Exclusion Standard.

No SEO practitioner will intentionally violate any specifically published and enforced rules of search engines or directories. Should rules and guidelines change (as they often do), the SEO practitioner will promptly take action to comply with the changes as they apply to all clients. Where rules and guidelines are unclear, the SEO practitioner will seek clarification and await approval from the appropriate search engine before continuing to utilize potentially harmful technology or procedures.

No SEO practitioner will intentionally mislead, harm, or offend a consumer. All individuals utilizing a search engine to visit a site will not be misled by the information presented to or by the search engine, or harmed or offended upon arrival at the client site. This includes techniques like "bait and switch" where the client page does not substantially contain and is not clearly associated with the optimized phrase, or may be reasonably offensive to targeted visitors.

No SEO practitioner will intentionally violate any laws. This involves the deliberate and continued violation of copyright, trademark, servicemark, or laws related to spamming as they may exist at the state, federal, or international level.

No SEO practitioner will falsely represent the content of the client site. This includes the practice of presenting different versions of web pages to different users except where that information is altered solely to meet browser specifications and needs, sensitivity to regional factors such as language, or product specific needs. In general, ALL requests for a specific URL should be served identical HTML by the web server.

No SEO practitioner will falsely represent others work as their own. This includes the taking of work from others in whole or in part and representing this work as their own. The SEO practitioner may not make verbatim copies of the work of others (instead of authoring original work) without the prior consent of the other party.

No SEO practitioner will misrepresent their own abilities, education, training, standards of performance, certifications, trade group affiliations, technical inventory, or experiences to others. This includes quantifiable statements related to project timetables, performance history, company resources (staff, equipment, and proprietary products), and client lists. Guarantees will be restricted to items over which the SEO practitioner has significant and reasonable control.

No SEO practitioner will participate in a conflict of interest without prior notice to all parties involved. This includes the practice of choosing to emphasize one client over another in competing keywords because there is more personal gain for the practitioner. All clients are treated equally and all will receive equal best effort in their Search Engine Optimization.

No SEO practitioner will set unreasonable client expectations. This includes the practice of accepting more than a reasonable number of clients competing for the same keywords and implying that all will be in the top positions in the search engines. This also includes the implication that results can be obtained in an unreasonable amount of time given the known condition of the search engines, client site, and competition.

All SEO practitioners will offer their clients both internal and external dispute resolution procedures. This includes the publishing of address and phone numbers on primary web pages, the inclusion of third-party dispute resolution links prominently placed within the practitioners web site, and contracts that include sections discussing dispute resolution.

All SEO practitioners will protect the confidentiality and anonymity of their clients with regards to privileged information and items implying testimonial support for the SEO practitioner. All staff of SEO practitioner shall be bound to protect information that is not generally known as it may harm the client. The SEO practitioner will not include the publishing of testimonials and proprietary logos of client lists, press releases, and other collateral discussing the client without explicit approvals.

All SEO practitioners will work to their best ability to increase or retain the rankings of client sites. Clients are contracting for fee with the SEO practitioner in order to obtain and retain search engine placement. The SEO practitioner is charged with an obligation to utilize appropriate and allowed technology and methodologies to improve and retain the rankings for their clients in the face of shifting search engine technology, competition, and client web site needs.

We comply with and support this Code of Ethics.

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1. SEO Ethics Standard developed by Bruce Clay.


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