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This package includes everything- brainstorming and research tools, domain name, hosting, and site submission to get traffic- plus now it has ecommerce, and you can download lots of free advice and how to info, too.
It's a little more expensive than doing it yourself, but much simpler, and if you do it their way (same way I do it), you'll make enough money from ads, etc. to get a return on the investment. A lot of what I know, I learned from this company.
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Brian Carter, MS, LAc, Acupuncturist, herbalist, and author

Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc
Web Site Design, PulseMed.org

Web Site Design and Marketing
by Brian Benjamin Carter, MS, LAc

Brian Carter has designed nearly a dozen websites for himself and others, but more importantly, has brought more than half a million visitors to these sites since 1999- more than 20,000 per month in 2005, and, in some months, turned this traffic into more than $20,000. Recently, more and more people have turned to him for search engine optimization (SEO) advice, so he has devoted a limited number of hours per week to consulting.

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SiteSell.com's Site Build It!...

  1. The all in one solution that even web newbies can use. Do it their way and you'll be one of the most popular web sites online. All of their principles are the reason my site is in the top 200,000 of all sites online.
  2. See case studies of successful Site Build It! sites here
  3. Check out how you can make big bucks using Google's AdSense program with Site Build It! simply by providing people with info about what you already know (or what you'd like to learn about)! This is how I'm currently making about $80 per day with PulseMed.org.

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If you have a website you want to promote, you should check out SelfPromotion.com. It's a resource for do-it-yourselfers where you can learn to prepare your pages for the search engines, then use a sophisticated url submission robot to submit your webpages to all the important search engines and directories. You'll also find tutorials about website promotion, submitting to yahoo, and much more. Best of all, you can use the site for free -- if you like it, pay what YOU think it's worth! The guy who runs it has reinvented tipping!

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