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Shearling Boot: Authentic, Practical & Reinforced Lambskin Luxury

For my money I’d go for the original Shearling Boot - a neat, chic brand of footwear which will never let you down.




Shearling Boot

by Peter Sylvester

The Shearling Boot has many inferior imitators. And it’s worth taking a few moments to check out just what the Shearling Boot should be. Something of that class will very soon be noticed - and imitated.

So what is the authentic Shearling Boot?

It’s made in the original style by the Canterbury Leather Company in New Zealand.

For over thirty years they have been creating the real lambskin footwear shorn to 5/8”.

It has an unsurpassed comfort lining in the Shearling Boot with a reinforced heel which remains upright (something an inferior boot may not do).

The sole is pure rubber giving it a springy and non-slip aspect and the treatment to both sides makes it like suede on the one side and provides a soft, gentle warmth on the other.

These are the qualities that ensure your shearling boot is the real thing.

The Shearling Boot - the alternative

On the other hand - let’s be fair - another manufacturer says

“with a clever wrap around the ankle, buckled straps create a modern sensation on this casual, comfy suede boot from those fashionistas at ELLE(R). Fluffy faux shearling boot trim and lining wears better than the authentic article, providing long-lasting cushy warmth. Side zip makes quick getaways a cinch. Contrast topstitch detail. Flexible rubber sole with heel protector. Camel or chocolate.”

So now you know……or don’t know! You pays your money and you take your choice!

Shearling Boot - the Truth

And the truth is that the Shearling Boot is both luxurious and practical.

Whatever you wear you can be assured that if it protects your feet from cold wet perspiration - with water-resistant leather - then you’ve got a winner!

But because of the growth in sales of shearling boots worldwide, many cheaper boots now use second grade shearling, inferior and dangerous Polyurethane plastic soles, and cost cutting shortcuts in workmanship.

Cheap imitations polyurethane plastic soles are dangerous when wet as they are very slippery. It’s a nasty way to get the price down - and you really could pay the price. This is a very definite no-no for me.

Their shiny plastic looks cheap and will crack and break. Cheap to buy - quick to go!

You will find EVA soles on all cheap boots and slippers. Rubber soles will last for many seasons.

All these cheapjack shortcuts are an anathema to the buyer who seeks quality and comfort. And now the Aspen Genuine Shearling Boot can be purchased for $54.99 instead of the normal $119. That’s a great saving!

So for my money I’d go for the original Shearling Boot - a neat, chic brand of footwear which will never let you down. It’s comfortable - but also it’s a big fashion yes - now that’s what I call sheer class.

Shearling boots are tough, durable, smart and above all comfortable. Go try it - you can’t go wrong!


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