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You Felt WHAT in my Pulse? Pulse & Tongue, Sinus Infections & Antibiotics, Pregnancy & Phlegm - Part III

by Brian Benjamin Carter

This is Part III of the Q&A (see part I for the question) - Here is the list of all three parts:

  1. How we use the Pulse and Tongue for diagnosis
  2. Antibiotics and Sinus Infections
  3. Phlegm and Pregnancy

Phlegm, Anyone?
Finally, "flem." I'm sure she meant "Phlegm." I'm not sure what people think of when they hear this word- I think of an old smoker coughing some up. And that is one kind of phlegm. But there are others- CM has a broader idea of phlegm... from the coughing-up kind (and the kind that's too dry to cough up) to 'phlegm' misting the sensory orifices, a severe state of mental cloudiness that can result in seizures and coma. But relax, she's not talking about that. Phlegm as it relates to sinuses is a condensed form of dampness. Dampness is any kind of fluid build-up that is not healthy... whether it's edema, pus, or nasal mucus. I know, it's gross... but we get used to it. We medical professionals can talk about phlegm over dinner... no problem!

But how in the world could phlegm and pregnancy be related?
It's possible that she was saying that your pulses showed you were either pregnant, or had lots of phlegm. She was probably feeling that "slippery" quality. It's possible that the dampness or phlegm could be in the Lung-system (of which the sinuses are a part). In that case, you would have some extra mucus... the color of the mucus would depend on whether there is heat (often an infection) or not... and so would whether or not you could get the mucus out, and how much came out. Sometimes there is so much heat that the dampness or phlegm gets burned up... then what little would come out would be yellow (green if there is a severe infection).

Of course, no one's health is simple, as I said above. It's hard for me to say from a distance with little information. It's also hard for a practitioner to be sure of their diagnosis without spending a good hour or two examining the symptoms and signs. Once they get on track with your diagnosis and find herbs that fit your patterns, you'll begin to see progress. If you feel confident with that practitioner (you may want to ask her about her education, etc. - see this link for ideas about what to ask), then trying her out for 4-8 treatments would be the way to get started.

Hope that helps! B

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