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Ski New Mexico: Affordable Fun, Excitement, and Relaxation

Whether you’re an expert or have never even tried to ski, New Mexico ski areas and resorts offer something for you.



Ski New Mexico

by Amy Finley

Want to Ski? Think New Mexico

If you want to ski New Mexico, you’re not alone. New Mexico has some of the most popular ski resorts available today. For affordable fun, excitement, and relaxation, there’s nothing like a New Mexico ski vacation. Many people who have skied in New Mexico return there more than once.

You can easily find a variety of resort areas available to ski. New Mexico has popular ski areas like Angel Fire, Enchanted Forest, Pajarito Mountain, Red River, Sipapu, Ski Apache, Ski Sante Fe, Ski Rio, Sandia Peak, and Taos.

Where to Ski New Mexico

If you’d love to ski New Mexico, but haven’t really planned out the details, it’s a good idea to first think about exactly what you want to accomplish with your trip. Is it a family vacation, and you want to create quality memories as a family? You’ll probably want to find a New Mexico ski area that caters to families, like Angel fire, Ski Sante Fe, or Red River.

Are you an advanced skier planning a trip with friends? You might want to ski New Mexico for some of its more challenging slopes like those in Pajarito Mountain or Taos.

If you want to ski New Mexico during the day and enjoy great night life after dark, you might want to check out the gambling offered at Ski Apache or visit Ski Sante Fe’s great bars and restaurants.

Wherever you ski New Mexico, you really can’t go wrong. Although each may have its’ own unique flavor, most are multi-faceted to meet just about anyone’s needs (i.e. in addition to gambling, Ski Apache also offers a great children’s game room). Plus, the major ski areas in New Mexico have all gotten great reviews from visitors.

On and Off the Slopes

Whether you’re an expert or have never even tried to ski, New Mexico ski areas and resorts offer something for you. Most areas offer a wide variety of trails and slopes from beginner to advanced. Some resorts have more geared at the beginner and intermediate level, while some places have ample challenges for the master skier.

If you want to ski New Mexico, most areas offer much more in addition to skiing. There are historic attractions, great shopping at interesting stores and boutiques, dining, ski and snowboard instruction, snow tubing at some areas, snocat tours, and more.

Ski New Mexico Discounts and Coupons

If you’ve been wanting to ski New Mexico, you can find some great deals on packages and plans for an affordable vacation. You can also find discounts on lift tickets, equipment rental, hotels and lodging, restaurants, and more, either from individual businesses, resort sites, or coupon sites like skicoupons.

Give the gift of a New Mexico Ski Vacation

For something extra special, make a ‘Ski New Mexico’ gift coupon. Type up a few of the trip or anticipated trip details and special message to a loved one, family member, or friend and give them a New Mexico ski vacation as a gift. It’s perfect for virtually any occasion, from Valentine’s Day to birthdays, and it’s a gift that makes lasting memories.

Good luck planning, and when you do finally get to ski New Mexico, chances are, you’ll want to return!


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