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Ski Wisconsin: Fun and Challenges, Both Downhill and Cross Country

If you like to cross country ski Wisconsin, one event you may want to see is the American Birkebeiner, North America’s largest ski marathon.


Ski Wisconsin

by Joel Jacobson

For a ton of winter fun, ski Wisconsin!

If you’re looking for a great time during the winter months, ski Wisconsin. Wisconsin has many great ski hills at all different levels, from beginning to expert. Not to mention the hundreds of miles of cross country trails that Wisconsin has to offer. Many hills now offer snowboarding as well, which has become very popular in the last several years.

In the northern part of the state, there are some highly rated hills to ski Wisconsin. Mount Ashwabay, Mount dul Lac, Telemark, Whitecap, Trollhaugen and Keyes Peak are all good places to check out. There are many more than what is listed here.

In the center of the state there is Granite Peak, Bruce Mound Ski Area, Standing Rocks, are just a few of the hills to downhill ski Wisconsin.

Southern hills to ski Wisconsin include Alpine Valley, Tyrol Basin, and Crystal Ridge just for starters. The Wisconsin DNR has a great website to check out different ski hills to try out and snow conditions.

Cross country skiing, or Nordic skiing as it’s sometimes called by the diehards, is another great winter outdoor activity if you want to ski Wisconsin. Once again, the Wisconsin DNR has a great listing of cross-country ski trails in Wisconsin state parks, forests, and trails on their website.

If you like to cross country ski Wisconsin, one event you may want to see is the American Birkebeiner, North America’s largest ski marathon. The “Birkie” as it’s sometimes called, attracts 8,000 skiers every year the last week of February. More than just a one day marathon, the event last for three days with all different types of races. The main race is from Cable to Hayward, Wisconsin, which is 51 kilometers long.

If you’re getting serious about ski Wisconsin regularly, one thing you may want to check into is joining a ski club. There are clubs for both downhill and cross country skiing. You can benefit from being around a group of experienced skiers. The group will know the best places to ski and to stay. It’s also a good way to meet new friends. Ski clubs are geared for all different types of personalities and skiers. Some groups like to party, some are more mellow. A phone call or visit to a ski clubs website will quickly tell you what type of club it is.

There’s nothing quite like ski Wisconsin. After a long day out on the cross-country trails, are swooshing down a powdery slope. Then head to the lodge or cabin for a hot chocolate to warm the bones and sit by the fire. Ski Wisconsin is great exercise, super fun, and a great way to spend a winter day in Wisconsin.


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