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Sony Cyber Shot Digital Cameras

With its thin body and clever rotating lens design, the cyber-shot DSC-F88 presents yet another twist in the Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera line.


Sony Cyber Shot Digital Cameras

by Trish Williams

Technology is making it so much easier to get a great digital camera at a decent price, and with lots of neat extras. Sony Cyber Shot digital cameras are just one example of the type of quality products available with cool features. Not only do they offer some interesting new attributes in their cameras, but also their cameras are quite simple to use. Here we will review two different Sony Cyber Shot digital cameras.

cyber-shot DSC-F88

Sony Cyber Shot digital cameras are top of the line. Imaging Resource, an online source says this about the DCS-F88: “With its thin body and clever rotating lens design, the cyber-shot DSC-F88 presents yet another twist in Sony's innovative cyber-shot digicam line. While the idea of a rotating lens is nothing new, Sony's implementation of the concept has evolved to handle changing consumer needs and camera attributes.

With the DSC-F88, the rotating component of the camera is oriented horizontally and very compact, so it protrudes only slightly from the front panel in its operating position. Thus, the DSC-F88 has small, pocket-friendly dimensions (at least for larger coat and shirt pockets), while offering the benefit a 300-degree lens rotation. The lens component also acts as a power switch, activating the camera when rotated from its "stowed" position.

The camera's thin, almost square shape and control layout take a little getting used to, but the DSC-F88's operation becomes intuitive fairly quickly. Because the lens front can be neatly stowed away, there's no need for a lens cap, as the lens is protected by the camera body when closed. The DSC-F88's 3x zoom lens features automatic focus control, with several fixed focus settings available, as well as an adjustable focus area. The 5.1-megapixel Super HAD CCD produces high resolution, print quality images, with a range of lower resolutions available as well. Combine this with the availability of both manual and automatic exposure control, a large selection of preset "scene" modes, and the quality of the cyber-shot line, and the DSC-F88 is an excellent choice for novices and more experienced users alike.”

Cyber Shot DSC-T33

In early January 2005, Sony came out with the DSC-T33, promoted by Sony as the best Sony Cyber Shot digital camera yet. This new camera will be available in the U.S. in March 2005 for around $450. The DSC-T33 has already been released to Asian Markets.

So far, Sony Cyber Shot digital cameras pack a range of powerful features into Sony's thinnest model to date. It sports a large 2.5-inch LCD viewfinder, occupying about two-thirds of the back of the camera, so friends and family can gather round and enjoy images the moment they are captured.

Sony’s press summary on the Sony Cyber Shot digital cameras (DSC-T33) adds that it’s quite easy to operate. “The new camera is simple to use, incorporating a built-in, electrically-operated lens cover that opens instantly so you never miss a shot. With a single push of the power button, it springs to life in less than a second. A subtle relocation of controls also makes the camera easier to grip and operate.

The camera maintains its trim design thanks to a Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® optical lens, which operates within the camera rather than extending out. It also has a 5.1 megapixel CCD image sensor and a 3X optical zoom to ensure cutting-edge image quality.”


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