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South Korea Phone Card: Deals, Discounts, and What to Consider

You may also incur monthly charges on a South Korea phone card – find out if there is a flat fee for buying the card or if you’ll be charged a monthly fee as well.



South Korea Phone Card

by Amy Finley

Keeping in Touch With a South Korea Phone Card

Keeping in touch Internationally is easier than ever before with today’s levels of technology. If you’re looking for a South Korea phone card, you’ll be faced with lots of places offering deals and discounts. Here’s what you need to consider.


The per-minute-rate you’ll pay on a South Korea phone card is one of the most important features of the calling card. Some Internet websites offer price comparison tools or charts to help you find the lowest rate, but you still may need to check a few sites before you find the best deal.

Hidden Fees

You might encounter hidden fees on a South Korea phone card deal. Besides the rate per minute, check to see if the calling card charges connection fees (generally around 25 cents) for connecting to the line and making the call.

You may also incur monthly charges on a South Korea phone card – find out if there is a flat fee for buying the card or if you’ll be charged a monthly fee as well. This is important because even if the rate per minute is low, if you’re charged a high monthly fee, you may not be getting the best deal.

A Prepaid vs. Rechargeable South Korea Phone Card

A South Korea phone card may be strictly prepaid, so once your minutes are gone, it’s trash. Other South Korea calling cards may cost you little or nothing up front but bill you for usage. Many cards now offer the best of both worlds in a top quality phone card – allowing you to pay a certain amount for a predetermined number of minutes up front, but also giving you the option of recharging your phone card and purchasing more usage minutes on the same card once they run out.

Expiration Date For Your South Korea Phone Card

Depending on which South Korea phone card you purchase, there may or may not be an expiration date. Be careful about this, because if a card is prepaid, and expires after say, 60 days, you’ll lose the remaining unused minutes. Some calling cards may expire only at a certain point past the time they are first activated, and some cards do not specify an expiration date at all. (If the latter is the case, find out if you’ll be charged in any way for an inactive account).

To Pin or Not to Pin?

There are generally two options when it comes to pin, or password, options on your South Korea phone card. You can either get a phone card with a pin or password number – which may be emailed to you, or you can get a South Korea phone card that offers pinless dialing. The pinless dialing is faster and easier, but many feel more comfortable with a pin number -- basically, it boils down to personal preference.

Customer Service and South Korea Phone Card Account Management

When choosing a South Korea phone card, check out the customer service policies and account management tools. You should be able to easily access your account and get prompt, friendly service, particularly with a rechargeable calling card you’ll be using again and again. Some sites do offer live help and online account management of your phone card; so don’t forget to check out the service aspect when deciding which South Korea phone card to buy.

Good luck in your cyber search for the best deal on your South Korea Phone card!

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