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Staples Office Supply: Great Brands, Great Prices, And More

Next time you shop Staples Office Supply for your work or home office needs, don’t forget to pick up a few things to help you outside the office as well.



Staples Office Supply

by Amy Finley

Most people know that Staples Office Supply stores have great products at competitive prices. Most people are also aware of how an office supply superstore like Staples can create organization and efficiency in business offices. Yet we may not realize all the ways Staples can help improve organization and efficiency outside the office as well. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking…

Staples Office Supply in the Kitchen

There are dozens of ways that Staples Office supply products can make home life easier. Since the kitchen is usually a major hub of activity, here are just a couple of Staples products that can maximize your time and efforts in this busy area.

Dry Erase Boards: Dry erase boards are great for maximizing efficiency, time management, and communication. Staples Office Supply carries magnetic, non magnetic, and easel versions so you can put one virtually anywhere, although the magnetic versions are ideal for refrigerators. Leave important messages and reminders, let the kids color on it while you’re preparing dinner, list chores, and more. These are great even if you don’t have a family – leave messages about important tasks or events to remind your spouse or even yourself.

Binders and page protectors: Staples office supply carries a variety of 3 ring binders and different weights of page protectors. Buy in bulk, because you can find a lot of use for these! Organize recipes (easy to wipe off if something gets spilled), appliance warranties and information, or any important or frequently used documents for easy to use and durable storage. Also great for saving special school papers once they come off the fridge.

In the Bathroom?

Staples Office supply carries a variety of drawer organizers that, although they are designed for desk drawers, function perfectly in organizing the jumble of personal items rolling around in bathroom vanity drawers.

File storage crates from Staples Office Supply also make in inexpensive storage option for extra items like bulk toiletries in linen closets.

Staples Office Supply Gifts

Need an innovative gift idea? Staples Office Supply may have the solution. Instead of a traditional gift basket, order a variety of standard office supplies suitable for home and businesses offices and arrange them in a file storage crate. The recipient will no doubt be grateful for a thoughtful and useful gift!

For kids, Staples Office Supply offers a wide variety of art supplies. Think of a theme, like ‘painting princess’ or ‘drawing dude,’ purchase appropriate painting, drawing, etc. materials, package them in an appropriate container, and you’ll have a unique gift any child will love.

Staples Office Supply also offers personalized calendars and custom printing to meet your holiday and gift giving needs.

Staples Sales

Don’t forget to look for rebates and current specials at the clearance center when you shop or browse Staples Office Supply stores. Sales change frequently, so you never know when you’ll find the big bargains you’re looking for.

Next time you shop Staples Office Supply for your work or home office needs, don’t forget to pick up a few things to help you outside the office as well. You’re guaranteed to find great bargains to simplify your life both in and out of the office!

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