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The List:
Foods and their Properties

by Juliette Aiyana, LAc

This is a list often referred to by Juliette in her Juliette's Kitchen column. For how to use it, refer to Juliette's individual articles.

This list is broken down into Five Categories of Qi (nature):

The list is extensive but not exhaustive. So, if you can't find your favorite food on this list please e-mail me and I will add it to the list.

Cold Foods

Vegetables - asparagus, chinese cabbage, seaweed, snow peas, water chestnuts, dandelion leaf, white mushroom
Fruits - banana, blueberry, cantaloupe, cranberry, grapefruit, mango, persimmon rhubarb, tomato, watermelon, mulberry, plum, banana, kiwi, lemon
Grains - wheat germ
Animal Products - clam, crab, octopus
Spices - salt, white pepper
Misc - kelp, nori, laver, agar, seaweed, soy sauce, sugar cane

Cool Foods

Vegetables - artichoke, bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, corn, cucumber, daikon radish, eggplant, mushroom, spinach, swiss chard, turnip, zucchini, alfalfa sprouts, bamboo shoots, button mushroom, carrot, dandelion greens, endive lettuce, lotus root, potato, romaine , Chinese cabbage, tomato
Fruits - apple, avocado, black currant, fig, lemon, prunes, tangerine, pear, oranges
Grains - amaranth, barley, buckwheat, millet, wheat, wild rice
Seeds - lima beans, mung bean, soybean
Animal Products - eggs, pork, duck, frog, rabbit, duck egg,
Spices - marjoram, mint, peppermint, tamarind, cilantro leaf
Oils - sesame
Misc - beer, green tea, milk, tofu, yogurt

Neutral Foods

Vegetables & Beans - beets, carrot, cabbage, rye, lettuce, shiitake mushroom, olive, peas, pumpkin, taro, yam, turnip (cooked), soy beans, black soy beans, red/kidney bean, adzuki bean, chick peas, fava beans
Fruits - apricot, loquat, papaya, pomegranate, tangerine, peaches, mume plum
Grains - brown rice, corn, flax, white rice
Seeds - almonds, chick peas, hazel nut, peanut, pistachio, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, ginko nut,
Animal Products - abalone, rabbit, cheese, duck, goose, herring, mackerel, milk, oysters, salmon, sardine, shark, tuna, chicken gizzard, chicken eggs, ocean fish, black chicken, sturgeon, carp, catfish, perch, cuttlefish, anchovy, oyster
Spices - coriander, licorice, saffron, quail, quail eggs,
Sweeteners - honey, white sugar
Oils - olive, peanut
Misc - pollen, royal jelly, soy milk, vinegar, table salt, miso,

Warm Foods

Vegetables - bell pepper, chive, green bean, kale, kohlrabi, leek, mustard green, parsley, parsnip, squash, sweet potato, watercress, scallions, onion, fennel, pumpkin, oyster mushroom
Fruits - blackberry, cherry, coconut, dates, grape, litchi, longan, quince, raspberry, strawberry, kumquat, pomegranates, figs
Grains - oats, quinoa, safflower, spelt, sweet/glutinous rice
Seeds - black bean, chestnut, coconut, pine nut, sesame seed, walnut, pine nuts, lotus seed,
Animal Products - beef, anchovy, butter, capers, chicken, eel, ham, lobster, mussels, shrimp, turkey, venison, fresh water fish, pig tripe, sheep & goat, sheep's milk,
Spices - anise, basil, bay leaf, carob, caraway, clove, cumin, dill seed, fennel, fenugreek, fresh ginger, nutmeg, oregano, rosemary, sage, spearmint, thyme, jasmine, coriander
Sweeteners - amasake, brown sugar, malt sugar, molasses, sorghum
Misc - black tea, butter, coffee, goats milk, miso, rice vinegar, vinegar, mume plum vinegar, wine

Hot Foods

Vegetables - garlic, green onion
Fruits - pineapple
Animal Products - lamb, trout
Spices - black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, cinnamon, ginger, horseradish/wasabi, mustard, garlic
Oils - soybean

The List! was compiled based on information gathered from:

  • My former teacher, Fan Ya-Li

  • The Tao of Nutrition- Ni

  • Chinese Dietary Therapy- Liu

  • Healing with Whole Foods-Pitchford



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