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Torrent Search: Find Music, TV Shows, Games, and More

Torrent search swarm members use special torrent client software to upload, download, and then reconstruct the bits and pieces of all these files into usable files.


Torrent Search

by Joel Jacobson

Never heard of a torrent search before?

If you’ve never heard of a torrent search before, don’t feel bad. A lot of people haven’t. A torrent search is the newest and fastest growing form of file sharing client for Windows operating systems. With a torrent search you can locate off the wall titles and hard to find items, such as full albums, movies, games, television shows, etc.

Torrent search sites aren’t necessarily free. Some are fee based. Here’s a few of the torrent sites that are around for you to check out.

Mininova is currently a free site, but is not large yet. It does have very fast access and search times. Give it some time, and this torrent search it will grow. is a torrent search specializes in TV search torrents and is currently free as well. is also a free torrent search site and has a great interface and fast format. Torrent spy is another free torrent search site, at least for now. And IsoHunt, which is an excellent torrent search site and is free as well. It is currently fighting off a lawsuit, and is written in a libertarian slant.

Unlike most torrent search sites, BitTorrent uses internet P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing. It downloads bits of files simultaneously from many web sources. Other torrent search sites use a subscriber model, such as Kazaa. They filter out corrupted and dummy files and actively encourage users to share their complete files. BitTorrent can achieve download speeds of up to 1500kbps (kilobits per second). It's an open source, advertising free, and adware/spyware free network connection.

Torrent search is about swarming and tracking, where users download small bits of information from many different sources at once. It is actually faster than downloading a single file from one source because it compensates for bottleneck points.

Swarming, as used in torrent search, is splitting up large files into hundreds of smaller “bits”, and linking them together across a “swarm” of dozens of these users. Tracking is help by specific servers to help swarm users find each other.

Torrent search swarm members use special torrent client software to upload, download, and then reconstruct the bits and pieces of all these files into usable files. During the entire download process, there is special .torrent text files that act as pointers, which helps users find other users to swarm with which in turn enforces quality control on all shared files.

To do a torrent search, you first need the torrent client software. There are lots of choices, all of them free to install. Next you will need a tracker server (again, free of charge, and hundreds are on the web). A .torrent text file that points to the appropriate move or song, or whatever the case may be file; a torrent search engine that helps you find these special links (there are plenty of those too); and a specially configured internet connection with the port 6881 opened on the server/router to allow torrent file trading.

It sounds more difficult and complicated than it is, really. If you go to any one of the torrent search sites, they will teach you step by step how to set up your torrent search. Torrent search is very fast, very reliable, and is looking like the wave of the future in file downloading and search engine sites.

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