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Truck Tool Box: Strong Place to Stow Yer Stuff

A truck tool box is made out of either aluminum, steel, or a combination of both.


Truck Tool Box

by Joel Jacobson

A Truck Tool Box will never go to waste

One thing is for sure, owning a truck tool box will never be a waste of time and money. If you own a truck and looking for a good place to store your tools, or other stuff for that matter and you don’t want to clutter up our cab, a truck tool box is a great thing to have.

You’ve probably seen a truck tool box while driving around. They seem to be all over the place now. They are very popular these days, and for a good reason. They are a good secure way to have quick access to your tools.

There’s a very large selection when it comes to purchasing a truck tool box. First you need to identify what your truck tool box is going to be used for. Is it for your business or commercial use? Are you in the building trades or construction of some type? If you are, then getting a heavier duty type of box would probably be your best option. If you aren’t going to be using it for your work, then you could get by with a lighter duty type of box.

What kind of material do you want your truck tool box to be made out of? A truck tool box is made out of either aluminum, steel, or a combination of both. There are different finishes that you can get as well. Do you want diamond plate or smooth? What color, bright or powder coat finish? Depending on the manufacturer, you can usually get all either white, black, red, or diamond plate (which doesn’t require paint).

A very important point that needs to be made when shopping or ordering a truck tool box: make sure of the measurements of your truck bed, ESPECIALLY if you have a drop-in over rail bed liner. Obviously if you do not account for your bed liner, you may end up with a truck tool box that does not fit correctly. That would be bad.

A tool truck box can be ordered in many different configurations as well. There’s single lid, double lid, bed side, pork chop, and trailer tongue. All these boxes are lockable, and if they aren’t they should be. Some are also equipped with a gas spring lift to assist in lifting the lid. Most are equipped with full weather stripping seals to protect your stuff from the elements.

Prices for a good truck tool box can range anywhere from $265 for a single lid aluminum to $650 for double lid diamond plate aluminum. If your truck is going to be outside a lot, it may be a good choice to go with an aluminum truck tool box instead of steel because of corrosion resistance. Steel rusts and aluminum is corrosion resistant. Steel boxes are cheaper, however. A single lid steel truck tool box is around $250, as an example.

A truck tool box is not a necessity, but it is a very handy and convenient thing to have especially if you have lots of tools you want to carry around with you, or just to make your truck look cool.


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