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Truck Tool Box: Heavy-Duty, Reliable, Solid, and Essential

A truck tool box is an essential item to carry - from semis and law enforcement vehicles to pickups.




Truck Tool Box

by Peter Sylvester

A truck tool box is an essential item to carry - from semis and law enforcement vehicles to pickups. A plethora of suppliers offer every type of truck tool box - from strong boxes to dog kennels. But a truck tool box is - by definition - one of the big ones.

Proudly made in America they are really too heavy-duty to make it worthwhile importing them. They are big solid and reliable and there is no compromising on quality.

This kind of truck tool box is manufactured from marine grade aluminium - heavy gauge - and CAD/CAM technology is a norm for the skilled designing engineer.

Such boxes are welded rather than riveted with stainless steel hinges and locks. With this aboard you have a clever design calculated to meet the real world with real roads!

Truck Tool Box - Translated to the Pickup

A typical firm started making truck tool boxes twenty five years ago. But it became apparent fairly soon that the guys who ran the big rigs were impressed - and they wanted the excellent truck tool box to be made - in exactly the same heavy metal etc - for their pickups.

The result was that - though they were more expensive - they sold - and mostly the makers are so confident they place a lifetime guarantee on the box.

Truck Tool Box - New Design

One important improvement in the truck tool box is the invention of a new format. Tools of all shapes and sizes are organized in the pickup truck bed length. This increases pickup storage giving you full use of the whole pickup bed with the box capable of supporting half a ton or so of cargo on top of it..

Similarly the Hitch Box - in a weather-proof housing - prevents any interference with your load carrying potential.

Truck Tool Box - A Cheaper Version

The price of $89.99 is very cheap. What makes it possible is the rugged poly truck tool box now on offer. Although it lacks the durability of the heavy-duty metal boxes there are plenty of places where less long-lasting construction is not a problem.

And worth considering if economy is necessary.

Truck Tool Box - a Story

A farmer - one Halloween - was travelling to a fancy dress party in a nearby town in Yorkshire, England. He was dressed as Dracula and his wife as a witch. It was a foggy pitch black night as they drove down the narrow moorland road and when unexpectedly a sheep walked into their path there was no time to stop and they hit it.

It was one of his own and a quick glance told him it was badly injured and needed to be put down. But how - and then he remembered his toolbox - and he quickly went to it, opened it and extracted a suitably heavy tool.

Just at the moment he raised his hand to deliver the merciful blow the local bus came over the hill and its lights lit him up fully.

And the bus driver and his passengers were greeted with the sight of Dracula - poised to smash the skull of a bleeding sheep with a heavy instrument - with a witch hovering nearby.

That bus did one of the most remarkable quick turns in history and sped swiftly back the way it had come.

Useful in all kinds of situations - the truck tool box.


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