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Used Nissan Engine: Locating That Reliable Quality Replacement

There are plenty of opportunities to locate and acquire a used Nissan engine.


Used Nissan Engine

by Joel Jacobson

You can always count on a Used Nissan Engine

Owning a Nissan is almost like having a good friend you can always count on. It won’t let you down; it won’t turn its back on you, and it’s very reliable. That’s why a used Nissan engine is always a good bet when it comes to keeping your old (or new) friend in top working condition.

And if you really love your classic Nissan, getting a good used Nissan engine is even more important to you than most people. There are plenty of opportunities to locate and acquire a used Nissan engine. There are many salvage yards throughout the U.S. There are also companies that will find and locate that specific used Nissan engine for you.

Here’s a good example of how cheaply you can pick up a good quality used Nissan engine. For example, a Nissan Sentra 1982-1988 for $395; a Nissan Maxima from 1985 – 1988 $795; a 300ZX from 1984-1989 is $795. This is only one place online. There are lots of others to shop around and find the best deal out there.

Another option in which to look for used Nissan engine parts is EBay. Do a quick search on the site and take a look at all the used Nissan engine parts you can find. It’s amazing. You know that these engines last a long time if all these people are buying and selling parts.

One site on the internet where you can find oodles of used Nissan engine parts is 247 spares. They have thousands of new and used Nissan parts online. They are fully guaranteed secondhand parts. The cool part about it is they deliver directly to your door. Their used Nissan engines are fully guaranteed fully tested, and all have low miles.

Now, it would be hard to have an entire used Nissan engine delivered directly to your door, or would it be? Believe it or not, there are places that ship used Nissan engines directly to your door! The shipping costs are actually quite reasonable. Depending upon the weight, it will cost you around $150 on the east coast, $200 for west coast, and $200 to the Midwest. These suppliers are either directly here in the United States, or you can go right to the source in Japan.

I know someone who owns a Nissan pickup. This person has over 210,000 on his ORIGINAL Nissan motor. Keep in mind; this is not a used Nissan engine! If rebuilt, it could probably go for another 250,000 miles.

Quality, affordability, dependability; these are all hallmarks of used Nissan engines, and Nissan vehicles in general. They simply can’t be beat.

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