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Vail Ski Resort: Activities You Don't Want To Miss

After participating in all the great outdoor activities offered near your Vail ski resort, thaw out by going swimming in a heated indoor pool or playing indoor tennis.



Vail Ski Resort

by Amy Finley

Planning a trip to a Vail ski resort leaves many people tingling with anticipation, eager to test out the slopes. Besides phenomenal skiing, Vail also offers dozens of activities you don’t want to miss!

Vail Ski Resort Thrill Seekers

Challenging slopes may be enough for some, but for those of you who are interested in even more extreme adventure, check out the other exciting activities you can participate in while staying at a Vail Ski resort. Go snow tubing, take sledding to a whole new level with dare-devilesque thrill sledding, or experience the rush of a hot air balloon ride.

Interested in something besides your everyday tour? Test yourself with a two-hour snowmobile tour, or even up to a full day of snowmobile riding in Vail’s mountainous majesty while at a Vail ski resort. Kayak and canoe tours are also popular, offering a great twist on the free tour offered by a Vail ski resort.

More Wild Rides

When you visit a Vail ski resort, you won’t need to leave the animal lover in you behind! Try the exciting experience of dog sledding through Vail’s gorgeous landscape or hop on horseback to experience the beauty of Vail at a whole new level.

Want to cozy up with the one you love? Go on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Try your hand at fly-fishing, with or without guides. Wild life tours are also available (if you’re not sitting by your Vail ski resort fire recovering from the snowmobile and kayak tour, that is).

Vail Ski Resort Activities For Kids

Winter Adventure Ridge offers dozens of fun activities for kids when you stay at a Vail ski resort. Kids’ snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and ski biking are a few of the outdoor activities available. Inside, fun stuff like laser tag and a rebound trampoline will attract the kids’ attention.
Indoor Activities

After participating in all the great outdoor activities offered near your Vail ski resort, thaw out by going swimming in a heated indoor pool or playing indoor tennis. If you want to put your sweater back on, slip on your skates and glide over the ice at John A. Dobson Arena. Check the schedule – one of your favorite NHL hockey teams may be making a pit stop! Another hot spot you don’t want to miss while at a Vail ski resort is the Colorado Ski Museum and Hall of Fame (a great deal at $1 for admission).

Vail Ski Resort Spas and Shopping

What would a Vail ski resort vacation be without a trip to a fabulous spa and some souvenir (or other savvy merchandise…) shopping? Vail offers a variety of magnificent spas that offer everything from the signature treatments and facials of Vail Mountain Lodge and Spa to the hot stone or deep tissue massage from Heaven Massage and Spa. You’ll also find many upscale shopping experiences in Vail to feed the savvy shopper in you.

With the plethora of activities accessible while at your Vail ski resort, you may have trouble fitting in the skiing you came there for!

Have fun and happy traveling!

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