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Verizon White Pages: Resources Compared

This article reviews Verizon white pages along with some other top white page directories as well as tips for finding the information you need.



Verizon White Pages

by Amy Finley

Verizon White Pages, Anywho, Switchboard, and More

The advent of the Internet has made dozens of free resources like white page directories available at our fingertips. Free directories allow us to find phone numbers, addresses e mail addresses (which I discuss in my article how to find peoples e mail addresses), and much more. This article reviews Verizon white pages along with some other top white page directories as well as tips for finding the information you need

Verizon White Pages

If you have Verizon phone or cell service, you’ll love using Verizon white pages because you can access your account and other information from the Verizon homepage. Even if you don’t have Verizon service, though, Verizon white pages offer an excellent directory resource.

Verizon white pages allow you to do regular and reverse searches web/email searches, exact match options, ‘search nearby' feature, links to world directories, and helpful search tips. You can also create a personal, password-protected directory to store contacts, remember searches, and other useful information. Verizon white pages additionally offer a helpful consumer center where information is easily categorized to be helpful to the consumer in locating businesses. Quick searches and links to map searches are also available.

Ultimate White Pages

Like Verizon white pages, ultimate white pages offers reverse searches and links to map searches, but doesn’t offer any of the other features. The advantage with using Ultimate white pages is that it searches multiple search engines/directories for information (you must enter the information in separate fields, though). While this resource is currently free, they encourage you to ‘upgrade’ to their paid directory for better searching.


Anywho, powered by AT&T, is another free directory resource. Anywho offers reverse searches, search tips, maps, and area code information. A good directory for people pages. UnlikeVerizon white pages that link to Internet and phone services and accounts, Anywho doesn’t link to AT&T accounts.


Switchboard offers free white page directories for people and businesses and includes advanced search options, helpful search tips, and web/e mail searches. Easy to use format, and like Verizon white pages, also includes an option to search surrounding areas. offers regular and advanced searches for people and businesses. Similar to the ‘My Directory’ feature of Verizon white pages, offers a MyInfo feature used to store addresses, contacts, recent searches, and more.


Infospace offers reverse and regular searches, web/e mail searches, and a ‘lookup history’ box. Infospace also includes a variety of other helpful resources, like world directories, maps, and public records searches.

White Page Search Tips

From Verizon white pages to Infospace, most white page directories are easy to navigate and offer helpful extras and links to make the most out of your search.

To get the most out your white pages search, use more or less information. The more information you enter, the more specific the returned listing options will be. Use less information to get more returned listings.

If you’re unsure of a spelling, try several different ways, or enter in only the first four letters. In my evaluation, the results were returned very quickly from all white page sites, but I did get slightly different results from the white page searches with my test entry. Since Verizon white pages and many other white page directories are free to use, you may want to check more than one site to find the information you’re looking for.

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