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Whale Figurines: Buy Them and You Could Help Save Them

Killer whale figurines, humpback whale figurines, dolphin figurines and more can be bought to illustrate the great beauty of these fantastic mammals.


Whale Figurines

by Shari Bookstaff

Whale Figurines: Help Save the Oceans!

Looking for some great knickknacks? Beautiful ocean scenes grace the shelves of many beautiful homes. Whale figurines, dolphin statues or coral reef scenes add a touch of serenity to your home.

You can find a large variety of whale figurines at online stores such as Buying whale figurines as a gift is a great way to show your appreciation for the beauty of whales and other marine life.

Whales, dolphins and porpoises belong to a group of animals called cetaceans. They are marine mammals; they breathe air and give birth to live young following a long gestation period.

Whale figurines can be found that depict many species of cetacean. Killer whale figurines, humpback whale figurines, dolphin figurines and more can be bought to illustrate the great beauty of these fantastic mammals. I've seen whale figurines that will cause a stir with many a whale lover.

These magnificent creatures, featured in a variety of whale figurines, are in danger from many human activities. Whaling and pollution are two huge problems causing trouble for several species of cetaceans.

Save the Whales!

Whaling is the killing of whales for various human uses. Some countries currently do it for "scientific" purposes. The science is shoddy, never published and usually unnecessary. Many conservation organizations make it their mission to fight against the resumption of commercial whaling. Buying whale figurines from these groups can help them in their quest.

Pollution has been a problem since humans began to generate garbage! With more and more people on the planet, we, of course, produce more and more garbage! You don't EVER see a whale figurine with a fishing line wrapped around its neck, but certainly wild whales often die from this.

Pollution Solution!

Some types of pollution that may kill whales are six-pack rings and balloons. Well, guess what? There are some easy solutions that everyone is able to do-and it won't cost you a penny! Simply cut up 6-pack rings (the kind soda and beer is wrapped in) before throwing them in your garbage can. That way, small animals will not get stuck in them and suffocate. A beautiful whale figurine on your windowsill will be a great reminder to cut those up.

Balloons are a little tougher problem. Everyone wants to put balloons out at every party, sale, church picnic or school event. They are beautiful and always make the event more festive. But, did you know that as balloons drift off into the sky, they often end up in the ocean? They are then mistaken as food by marine animals. They are eaten, and can kill the animal that eats them! The obvious solution to this problem is to eliminate the use of balloons at events. Another solution that everyone can do is to simply pop the balloons before untying them.

How about buying some whale figurines to give out at your next party? You can find whale figurines in any size, with a huge variety of price tags. Turn everyone into a whale lover at your next party with whale figurines. And forget the balloons!

Save the whales while you shop! Buy dolphin and whale figurines. Help save our oceans!


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