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Shari Bookstaff is a biology professor in northern California, where she lives with her two children. Shari is an avid nature lover, sports fan and photographer.


Shari Bookstaff

  • Arlington Texas Hotels - …in Arlington, Texas, hotels are close to one of America’s most famous cities
  • Alaska Whale Watching - Then, the whales will lunge through the tight ball of fish, gulping huge numbers of them into their open mouths. This type of cooperative feeding behavior is only seen on Alaska whale watching excursions.
  • Baja Whale Watching - Have you ever wanted to pet a whale? Feeling the rubbery skin of a whale, while she pushes gently against your hand is the kind of once in a lifetime experience you can have while Baja whale watching.
  • Canon EOS Digital Camera - Digital imaging is revolutionizing photography for professionals, amateurs and for those just taking family snapshots. The Canon eos digital camera is the choice of professionals, with a price amateurs can afford.
  • Cat Lover Gift - Don't forget the value of online auctions in finding that unique cat lover gift.
  • Cheap hotels Honolulu - Try to visit some of the other islands as well—they also have cheap hotels. Honolulu is a big city on a small island—the true tropical paradise may be found on some of the other islands.
  • Hawaii Whale Watching - Males will also return to Hawaii each year with one purpose: to mate. Giving birth and mating are obviously huge draws. Hawaii whale watching is becoming a huge industry!
  • Hotel Reno Nevada - In a casino resort town, a place to stay is more than just a hotel. Reno, Nevada has been dubbed The Biggest Little City in the World, little sister to madame Las Vegas.
  • HP Photosmart Printer - This series of first class printers will astound you with the color, clarity, and true photo quality prints. HP Photosmart Printers range from small, portable printers that can shoot out 4 x 6 lab-quality prints in minutes to professional, large printers that can give you prints that are two feet wide!
  • Ixtapa Mexico - The more luxurious resorts are in Ixtapa Mexico, where modern services, including Internet cafes, are readily available. Zihua tends to have smaller, more intimate hotels, which are also less expensive, with fewer frills.
  • Lion King San Francisco - Lion King San Francisco has all the allure, magic and music of the Broadway show.
  • Niagara Falls Canada hotels - Any of the great Niagara Falls, Canada hotels will allow excellent night-time views of the floodlit waters.
  • Palm Springs Discount Hotel II - Driving away from your Palm Springs discount hotel you will find yourself viewing several species of cactus, with spiny leaves and fleshy stems to reduce water loss.
  • Paris Las Vegas casino - At the Paris Las Vegas Casino, you can cruise to the top of a 50-story Eiffel Tower, take a romantic boat ride along the River Seine, or shop in stores with a distinctly French flavor.
  • Samsung Flat Panel TV - The latest LCD Samsung flat panel televisions have features such as picture-in-picture. Picture-in-picture (PIP) allows you to view two different channels simultaneously.
  • San Antonio Riverwalk hotel - With the building of Hemisfair Park for the 1968 World’s Fair, the River Walk was extended and attracted a slew of quality restaurants and shops. Nothing is a far walk from your San Antonio River Walk hotel.
  • San Antonio vacation - Antonio vacation has to include a touch of Mexico.
  • Ski Lake Tahoe - Northern California boasts some of the most beautiful country in the world, and, with weather, and warm, yet snowy winters, you can find fabulous places to ski. Lake Tahoe, a stunning, clear, deep body of water, is a winter wonderland for both downhill and cross-country skiers.
  • Vancouver BC hotels - Vancouver BC hotels can arrange awesome whale watching trips in the calm waters of the straits.
  • Whale Figurines - Killer whale figurines, humpback whale figurines, dolphin figurines and more can be bought to illustrate the great beauty of these fantastic mammals.
  • Womens formal wear - Catherine Zeta Jones pulled off a grand feat in womens formal wear when she attended the Academy Awards celebration 8 1/2 months pregnant.
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