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Wolverine Boot: Discover the Durability

There are many Wolverine boot styles, but the revolutionary new multi-shock system has helped make Wolverine boots and shoes more popular than ever.



Wolverine Boot

by Amy Finley

Why Buy Wolverine?

The Wolverine boot has had since its inception over 100 years ago comfort and durability at its forefront. For six consecutive years, Wolverine World Wide has also won the Footwear Plus Award for excellence in work boot design and function.

There are many Wolverine boot styles, but the revolutionary new multi-shocks system has helped make Wolverine boots and shoes more popular than ever. Wolverine multi-shox are designed to provide the best impact absorption possible, while conforming to the movement of a person’s individual foot for the greatest comfort.

What Does a Wolverine Boot Offer?

Wolverine boot and shoe styles in outdoor, rugged casual, and work footwear offer more than great comfort and durability. Features you can find in many Wolverine boot and shoes styles include: plenty of Thinsulate insulation, Gore-Tex water proof linings, dri-lex linings, durashock or multi-shock comfort and stability systems, slip resistant soles, tough steel or composite toe styles, and much more. Some reviewers claim that even the steel-toed Wolverine boots not only provide optimum comfort, but are light as well.

New Styles

There are dozens of Wolverine boot and shoe styles to choose from, whether you need a great hiking or athletic boot or a snappy rugged work Oxford. From classic to more modern looks, Wolverine has plenty of choices, although many Wolverine owners are much more concerned with the boot or shoe’s performance over the style.

What’s the latest in Wolverine boot styles? The new Larsen eight inch Wolverine work boot, designed for rugged wear, with durashock technology, Goodyear welt construction, and an attractive leather upper is one popular choice. Another style are the tough new Wolverine Oxford durashocks, with a stylish oiled leather look.

Wolverine Boot Reviews

Many Wolverine boot reviews give Wolverine kudos for designing comfortable and durable boots. While some reviewers claim their Wolverine boots have lasted eight to ten years, others mention their Wolverine boot purchase only lasted them around a year.

Like other shoe and boot purchases, the length of time you are able to wear a Wolverine boot or shoe depends largely on the amount and heaviness of wear. Wolverines are designed for durability and rugged wear, but medical personal recommend replacing heavily used footwear, like athletic shoes and boots, every year.

Wolverine Women

You can find a large Wolverine boot selection for both men and women. One popular boot for women is the eight-inch Big Horn women’s sport boot, providing a high level of comfort, durability, and warmth for outdoor and rugged activity.

Where to Make Your Wolverine Boot Purchase

You can find Wolverine boot and shoe selections at their Michigan warehouse, at department stores like Penny’s and Sears, and at many online retailers. Many online retailers offer hassle free return policies and free shipping to make your Wolverine boot and shoe purchases even easier.

Evaluate your footwear needs. If you’re looking for solid construction, comfort, and durability for work or leisure, a Wolverine boot or shoe may be the fit your life.

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