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There are hundreds of portals like Yahoo and DMOZ that cover all topics to some degree. There are millions of niche websites that cover one topic to the n-th degree. You'd think the sum of those two types would cover all information needs, but it doesn't. Even niche experts often neglect some of their audience's needs. Pulse Media fills those gaps.

PulseMed.org Mission: to team with freelancer writers to deliver high-quality, information about underserved niche subtopics in an engaging manner to online readers all over the world. In March, we began to produce Spanish-language articles, and will follow with more languages soon.

In fact, in the month since PulseMed began partnering with freelance writers in November, 2004:

  • We've put more than 1,000 new articles online... If you sign up for our email updates, you choose only the topics you are interested in
  • We've expanded into every major information topic
  • We've broken into the top 100,000 sites on the web...

Pulse Media Facts:

Alternative Medicine:

The PULSE of Oriental Medicine is an Alternative Medicine resource for the general public. It's been growing since March 1999 and now contains more than 550 free, authoritative articles.

Pulse of Oriental Medicine Purpose: When we began, there were only 13,000 acupuncturists in the U.S., compared to 800,000 M.D.'s. Just those numbers told me that there weren't enough of us to get the story to the mainstream. We set out to to get healing solutions out to the mainstream, and to tell our side of the medical story. Along the way, we try to satisfy the biomedical mind with high standards of referencing and a big emphasis on evidence.

Pulse of Oriental Medicine Sources: We rely heavily on medical experts (Chinese medical and biomedical), research housed in the National Library of Medicine, and other medical reference texts.


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