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"If you’re interested in a really nice apartment in Atlanta, Georgia, I’ll show you a few that are sure to please. But let me warn you – you’ll probably like them all!"




Apartment in Atlanta Georgia: Looking for One?
Check out these great places to live!
by Dr. John W. Luton

One of the most biggest challenges of moving is finding a great place to live. If you’ve planning a move to the Atlanta area, and you’re interested in a really nice apartment in Atlanta, Georgia, I’ll show you a few that are sure to please. But let me warn you – you’ll probably like them all!

A Few Words about the Area: Selecting an Apartment in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is a great place to live, work and play! Otherwise, why would so many people be moving here? According to Atlanta’s Online City directory, the ten-county population of the Atlanta metropolitan area is now more than 3 million. What’s more important – the area is still showing remarkable growth that is expected to continue! In fact, they’re expecting the number to reach 4 million by 2016. Pretty impressive – don’t you think?

With all those people, can you still find an apartment in Atlanta, Georgia?

Yes you can! And – what some people don’t realize – with so many people and plenty of apartments available, the cost of an apartment in Atlanta is probably lower than you might think!

What can you expect to pay for an apartment in Atlanta, Georgia?

Well, it happens that I’ve recently dispatched a reconnaissance team to find all the great apartment bargains in “Hotlanta.”

Two recent graduates from our Communication studies program have just secured jobs in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. One works in the advertising department at Coca Cola, which is headquartered in Atlanta. The other, a videographer, is shooting footage for WTBS, the mother ship of Turner Broadcasting.

Here’s what they’ve found – plus a few golden opportunities I’ve uncovered on my own!

Your One-Stop Shop for Finding a Great Apartment in Atlanta, Georgia

Both of my spies tell me the first place to stop, when looking for an apartment in Atlanta, Georgia, is a certain dot com.... an extremely helpful site to explore when apartment hunting. Just click on an apartment that looks good and they’ll provide a whole page of information – all the facts you need to know, plus a lot of other interesting and very helpful tidbits.

You can also get some rental websites to search for you and send you an e-mail when they’ve located the kind of places you might be interested in. The site has a map of every section of Atlanta, from Ansley Park to West End – 21 different neighborhoods in all!

If you search your rental website, these are some of the great places you’ll find. I’ll bet one of them is just right for you!

Finding a Great Apartment in Atlanta, Georgia –
A Guide from A to W!

I’ve included just a few to get you started looking for a great apartment. For more fantastic places to live in Atlanta, Georgia, visit your favorite rental website site and see them all!

Happy Hunting – I hope you find a great place!

Ansley Park
Midtown locations – close to great shopping!

Atlanta’s first country club community, Brookhaven is located north of town, just east of route 19.

Buckhead, located north of Atlanta and west of route 19, is a shopper’s paradise! The Robb Report rated Buckhead one of the USA's 10 "Top Affluent Communities."

Located north of 285 and east of route 19, Chamblee has the most ethnically diverse population in the Southeast – a truly international city!

Located west of Interstate 285 and north of I-20, Westend is just 15 minutes away from downtown Atlanta.

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Growing up in northeastern North Carolina, John Luton marveled as his father told stories about his childhood and World War II adventures. Bluebird in Belgium relates those wonderful stories.

Dr. Luton teaches world literature and mass communication at Elizabeth City State University. The Lutons have three grown children.

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