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Articles by Bliss Fleet, Feng Shui Expert


Bliss Fleet is a Master-Level Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. She completed the three year BTB Professional Training Program, and has studied BTB Feng Shui with Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, Steven Post, Barry Gordon and Edgar Sung, and David Kennedy.






Bliss Fleet:
Master-Level Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

Bliss has been a featured speaker at the annual Holistic Health Speaker Series for San Francisco State University, and writes a monthly column for the Pulse MEDIA International's The Pulse of Oriental Medicine.

Bliss leads workshops on Creating Abundance and Transformation through Treasure Mapping with Feng Shui. She travels regularly between San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego for residential and commercial feng shui consultations, and provides businesses with marketing and public relations services using feng shui methods.

An Alternative Medicine advocate for many years, she offers ongoing assistance to the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with their effort towards student recruitment and community outreach. Prior to working with ACTCM, she led students and practitioners at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine to embrace a new level of professionalism, and has tirelessly championed Oriental Medicine in multiple arenas.

Her work as Director of Clinical Services at Pacific College led her to study feng shui. While overseeing the complexities of health and well-being in the clinical setting, she observed that patients and their health care providers were not addressing a key component to the healing process. Issues in the patient’s physical surroundings at home or work had little bearing in their treatments, thereby hindering the patient’s progress towards optimum health and emotional balance. Since then she has radically transformed both professional and personal spaces into healing environments.


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