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CHILD Magazine Subscription: High Quality Magazine, Great Price

A CHILD magazine subscription is a great tool for parents because it provides relevant, timely articles from all ends of the spectrum.



CHILD Magazine Subscription

by Amy Finley

CHILD Magazine Subscription: Real Help, for Real Parents

As parents, most of us face many challenges. In fact, after recently reading some of Don Aslett’s books on efficiency and time management, I’m even more aware of the multiple roles parents play not just each day, but virtually at any given hour – tutor, cook, doctor, etc.

The decision making a parent does, and accompanying challenges, range from thinking up fun and creative family activities to the more serious, like being prepared and dealing with medical issues children face. A CHILD magazine subscription is a great tool for parents because it provides relevant, timely articles from all ends of the spectrum.

CHILD Magazine Subscription Features

There are many CHILD magazine features that make it worthwhile to get a CHILD magazine subscription. The feature articles themselves range from interesting profiles of real life working parents, (and their tips on making the most of their family time and managing their schedules) to the latest developments in childhood diseases and conditions.

Providing in depth looks at issues that directly pertain to children in today’s world is something you get with a CHILD magazine subscription that you don’t get everywhere else. Taking concerns specific to children and families today and addressing them from perspectives that take into account the many nuances of parent-child relations is something CHILD does well.

In Every Issue

In every issue of your CHILD magazine subscription, you’ll receive articles on a variety of pertinent topics, including nutrition and fitness, child development, health and safety, media and entertainment, current trends and lifestyle, information on healthy eating and recipe ideas, and more.

A CHILD magazine subscription also provides monthly articles geared toward what parents need as well – from humorous and entertaining stories to home fashion and interior design tips. Our children may rule our worlds, but we parents have needs to, and CHILD responds by taking that into account.

Buying Guides

Another good feature are the buying guides you’ll find in many issues of your CHILD magazine subscription. From the safest cars and family vacation hot spots to the best sports gear and sportiest clothing trends, CHILD buying guides show the latest innovations.

The annual holiday toy guide alone is worth getting a CHILD magazine – gorgeous layouts of the hottest toys and great ideas for gift giving. Just leave this one lying on the table, and you’ll soon overhear exactly what your kids think is cool. Santa won’t ever have to guess at what to bring them again.

Coupons and Prizes

Every month, your CHILD magazine subscription features great prizes and sometimes valuable coupons. You get the heads up on new information, contests and giveaways from CHILD’s website.

Giving and Renewing a CHILD Magazine Subscription

A CHILD magazine subscription is a great gift to give to other parents. You can save substantially by ordering your own or a gift subscription to CHILD online (and it’s already a high quality mag that’s cheaply priced in a subscription). Once you’ve started getting CHILD, you won’t want to give it up. But don’t worry, with easy renewal options via snail mail or online, you won’t have to.

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