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"Computer games don't affect kids... I mean if Pac Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music!"

- Marcus Brigstocke

Toys and Kid Games!


Toys and Kid Stuff

  • Bratz Laptop - Tech Savvy Toys for a New Generation - In today’s digital world, most toys have some kind of electronic feature, whether it’s the LCD screen of the Lil’ Bratz laptop or the engine sound of the dollar store toy car.
  • Harry Potter Wands - Remember, Harry Potter wands are individual to each wizard, from magical core, to wood, to the prints around it.
  • Toy Store San Francisco - If you’re looking for a good toy store, San Francisco has its share.
  • Birthday Party Theme - The essence is to let the kids do what they want (within reason). Kids are tremendously inventive - and their imaginative birthday party theme may go beyond your expectations.
  • Child Ugg Boot - The child ugg boot will please even the most discerning child – the style is ‘cool’ and comfortable enough to make your kids happy, and looks classy enough for you to approve.
  • CHILD Magazine Subscription - A CHILD magazine subscription is a great tool for parents because it provides relevant, timely articles from all ends of the spectrum.
  • Baby Ugg Boot - Another benefit of the baby ugg boot is that you do not need both shoes and socks – in fact, ugg boots are meant to be worn alone. So forget hunting all those itty-bitty socks that end up disappearing in the wash.
  • Cabbage Patch Kid - Cabbage Patch Kid dolls can also be customized for eye and hair color, as well as skin tone and ethnicity. For a small additional charge, a child can even pick out a specific birth date and name to be printed on the adoption certificate.
  • Cabbage Patch Kid II - Even today, the Cabbage Patch Kid holds the distinction of the most successful new doll introduction in the history of the toy industry.
  • Shrek 2 Donkey - Retailers have responded to the popularity of Shrek 2, Donkey, Fiona, and other characters by coming out with a plethora of merchandise based on the movie and characters.
  • Dora the Explorer Talking House: Hot Toy for Good Reason - The Dora the Explorer Talking House has three year old Dora fans saying, “This is my familia!” nonstop!
  • Wal Mart Portrait Studio - One final tip on dress: wearing the dressiest clothes to a Wal Mart portrait studio appointment doesn’t necessarily mean a better picture.
  • Your Big Backyard Magazine - Your Big Backyard magazine makes a great gift! If you have a child in your life, indulge them in this gift that just keeps giving!



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