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Country Bed Breakfast: Relax, Retreat, And Revive Your Romance

When packing for your country bed breakfast stay, you may want to include things like a small CD player and some romantic music, bath beads or bubble bath, and scented candles.



Country Bed Breakfast

by Amy Finley

Country Bed Breakfast Escape

From Casa County in Italy to Napa Valley in California, country bed breakfast options abound. A country bed breakfast immediately evokes images of relaxation, escape from the business and stress of everyday life, and an invigorating, yet relaxing escape from the
real world.

Romance at a Country Bed Breakfast

A country bed breakfast retreat is a unique and perfect way to revive, rekindle, or simple ignite romance. Honeymoons and anniversaries are perfect reasons for a country bed and breakfast vacation, but for couples if any age, there is never a bad time for a romantic getaway at a bed and breakfast.

Advantages of a Bed Breakfast

A country bed breakfast offers dozens of advantages over standard hotel accommodations. Each bed breakfast retreat is unique, often a rich source of history and/or located near historical landmarks.

Country bed breakfasts are usually small and privately owned, saving you from the bureaucracy of traditional hotel stays. You’ll receive attentive, personal service. In addition, a country bed breakfast is often somewhat isolated from the busy outside world, so you truly have a chance to escape and relax.

Country Bed Breakfast Options

The first two things that are necessary when planning your country bed breakfast escape are to decide your budget and decide where you want to go. Country bed breakfast prices vary widely, from upscale suites with numerous amenities to simpler, more economical options.

In deciding where to make your Country bed breakfast retreat, there are many bed breakfasts guides available to help you narrow your choices. Activities and extras also vary widely, so you’ll need to decide whether the country bed breakfast has the things you (and your loved one) will enjoy. Horseback riding, hiking and nature walks, vineyard and winery excursions, golfing, swimming, and fishing, are just a few of the choices of activities you may find available at a country bed breakfast.

Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Romantic Getaway

Many people seek a country bed breakfast to getaway for romantic adventure. In order to make the most of your time together, make it a priority to focus on your spouse or significant other and leave pettiness and outside worries behind.

Spend the time at your country bed breakfast really learning or relearning about the one you love. This doesn’t mean you have to be engaged in ‘serious’ mode – some of the best romantic moments and memories are lighthearted and playful. Talk about your dreams, your hopes, your fantasies, anything that excites or interests your spouse or you.

When packing for your country bed breakfast stay, you may want to include things like a small CD player and some romantic music, bath beads or bubble bath, and scented candles. A nice touch is to buy a romantic gift, like some sexy lingerie or silk boxers, for the one you love.

Above all, appreciate your time together at your country bed breakfast getaway away from the pressures of the outside world, because you’ll have to come back to reality soon enough!


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