Bed Breakfast Guide: The Best Romantic Lodgings

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Welcome to Pulse Media's expanding bed and breakfast guide. This is a guide to the best bed and breakfasts anywhere you want them. That includes America, Canada, the U.K., and Europe. Browse below for the locations that interest you. On these bed and breakfast pages, you'll find only the best of the best.


Alphabetical List of Bed and Breakfasts - U.S.

  • Arizona Bed Breakfast - From beautiful yet arid landscapes, to green and luscious hideaways Arizona bed, breakfast or other resorts are sure to find you rested and restored after a stay of any length.
  • Arkansas Bed Breakfast - An Arkansas Bed Breakfast near and dear to Bill Clinton’s heart is the Rosemont. It’s the only authentic Victorian era farmhouse remaining in Little Rock and a 5 minute drive from the Bill Clinton Presidential Library.
  • California Bed Breakfast - Looking for a romantic spot or just a stop along the way through California? Do you want to bed breakfast California?
    • Bed Breakfast Southern California - whether it's romance, comfort, great food, great views, hot tubs, fun, and/or peace and quiet you're looking for, I want to help you bed breakfast southern California, one of the greatest spots in out great country!
    • La Jolla Bed Breakfast - You have two major options if you're looking for a La Jolla Bed Breakfast
  • Country Bed Breakfast - When packing for your country bed breakfast stay, you may want to include things like a small CD player and some romantic music, bath beads or bubble bath, and scented candles.
  • Hawaii Bed Breakfast - Hawaii Bed/Breakfasts offer local color to your overly-commercialized vacation.
  • Maine Bed Breakfast Resort - It doesn’t matter what brings you to a Maine bed breakfast resort, it will be an uplifting and refreshing experience!
  • New Orleans Bed and Breakfast - It may cost a little more than a cheap hotel, but the experience of staying in a New Orleans Bed and Breakfast makes it totally worth a few extra dollars.
  • North Carolina Bed Breakfast Inns - Elegant rooms, period furniture, sweeping window dressings and more combine to make your North Carolina Bed Breakfast experience your best vacation ever.
  • Oregon Bed Breakfast - The scenery in Oregon is fantastic... A stay at an Oregon Bed Breakfast will be the icing on the cake for your visit to this beautiful state.
  • Tennessee Bed Breakfast - Welcome to our Tennessee bed breakfast guide... the best bed and breakfast inns anywhere in the state.
  • Virginia Bed and Breakfast - The Virginia Bed and Breakfast experience is unparalleled... Virginia is one of my family’s favorite vacation destinations!
  • Washington Bed and Breakfast - The Washington Bed and Breakfast experience is unparalleled because Washington is a state of unexcelled beauty.
  • Wisconsin Bed Breakfast - Lovingly restored, Many a Wisconsin Bed Breakfast is located in an older building from a bygone era with a richness, character, and a flavor all of their own.

International Bed and Breakfasts:

  • Bed and Breakfast Ireland - Bed and Breakfast Ireland takes you back to an age where people were friendlier - and time passed - would you believe it - more slowly!
  • Bed and Breakfast Rome - It is a fact that Rome is the noisiest city in the world and so the Bed and Breakfast Rome presence in a quiet suburb is a tremendous boon.
  • Bed and Breakfast Wales - Rocky mountains, glacial lakes, waterfalls and wilderness compete for attention. Take your Bed and Breakfast Wales in Betws-y-Coed and you start from a spot where three rivers meet and the river Conwy move swiftly to the sea.


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