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Alternative Medicine That Works for Regular Folks


David J. Nickel, O.M.D., L.Ac.

Dr. Nickel's passion is to share nutritional information to empower the quality of your life.
His vision is a world living in optimum health and vitality. His mission is to provide wellness information and prime enzyme nutritional supplements to the world.

Dr. Nickel is the founder of PrimeZyme, Inc. a nutritional enzyme supplement company that provides only 100% organic live prime enzyme foods. He has been a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist for over 20 years. In 1981 he did advanced Acupuncture studies in Beijing China. He is the inventor of 96 patent pending enzyme nutritional products including 53 Over-The-Counter Formulations and 43 Professional Formulations.

He is the author of Acupressure for Athletes and several journal articles on nutrition. He played a successful role in the "First major surgery in U.S. using Acupuncture."

Articles from Dr. Nickel
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Dr. Nickel's Top Ten Nutritional Heroes

  1. Dr. Cai Jingfeng: author of Eating Your Way to Health-Dietotherapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  2. Drs. Bob Flaws and Honora Wolfe: authors of Prince Wen Hui's Cook: Chinese Dietary Therapy
  3. Dr. Paul Pritchard, author of Healing With Whole Foods: Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition
  4. Dr. Henry Harrower: author of Practical Endocrinology
  5. Dr. Morton Biskind: author of Nutritional Therapy of Endocrine Disturbances in Vitamins and Hormones Vol. IV
  6. Drs. George Minot, William Murphy and George Whipple: Nobel Prize in Medicine; "for their discoveries concerning liver therapy" authors of many medical journal articles
  7. Dr. Weston Price: author of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
  8. Dr. Edward Howell: author of Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept
  9. Dr. George Watson: author of Nutrition and Your Mind: The Psychochemical Response
  10. Sally Fallon with Dr. Mary Enig: author of Nourishing Traditions




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