Pulse of Oriental Medicine: Alternative Medicine That Works for Regular Folks
Alternative Medicine That Works for Regular Folks


By David J. Nickel, O.M.D., L.Ac

Dr. Nickel is the founder of PrimeZyme International


According to the U.S. Public Health Service less than 2% of the Americans are healthy. What is the main cause? Apparently it is weak, enzyme-depleted organs from lack of prime enzyme nutrition.

Vital Organ Statistics of 288 Million Americans

  • 99% have heartburn (1), 25% digestive disease (2)
  • 85% of adults have herpes infection (3)
  • 40% will die of Heart and blood vessel disease (4)
  • 15% have kidney and urinary tract conditions (5)
  • 9% have chronic liver disease:
    8th top killer (6)
  • 53,145 patients now waiting for kidney transplant (7)
  • 17,295 patients now waiting for liver transplant (7)
  • 3,966 patients now waiting for heart transplant (7)
  • 16 die per day while waiting
    for a transplant (8)
  • Transplants costs up to $736,000 for first year. (9)

"The Ultimate Aim of the Physician: Re-establish the Instinctive guide to food selection" (10)
Eat Prime Foods First

1. Why do certain animals never need a Veterinarian?

Animals have a long instinctive history, literally millions of years, of knowing what type of body-building protein best. They usually prefer organ meats over flesh and eat it fresh with all the available live organ enzymes. After catching their prey, lions (the king of beasts) and the Alaskan brown bear eat the internal organs first (liver being the first choice).

A wild animal specialist from the London zoo found that adding organ meats to one cat's diet "has entirely changed the history of the reproduction of the cat family in captivity. The addition of the organs to the foods of the captive animals born in the jungle supplied them with foods needed to make make reproduction possible. Their young, too, could reproduce efficiently." (11)


2. Why do certain American Indians never need a doctor or a dentist?

Dr. Wilder and Keys reported in the Journal of American Medical Association about habits of healthy people:"A happy habit of more primitive man was to devour whatever could be eaten in the carcass of his kill. He thus obtained the organ meats as well as muscle.The Navajo, for example, who in contrast to many other Indian groups has

retained his vigor despite proximity to the white man's civilization, consumes all vestige of the sheep or goat he kills and exhibits a decided preference for the contents of the abdomen. He eats the organs first." (12)

In America "the most nutritious parts of every carcass are seldom chosen by the customer and go to making fertilizer or feed." (12) The difference in the teeth and health can be readily seen comparing the two female Seminole Indians from the Florida Everglades pictured here. The upper left female had lacked prime enzyme nutrition while the Seminole on the lower left had excellent prime enzyme nutrition. (13)

Enzymes Control Your Life

Nobel prize winner in genetics, former enzyme researcher at National Insitute of Health and Professor of Biochemistry at Stanford University School


of Medicine says in his book For the Love of Enzymes:

"The DNA itself is lifeless. What gives the cell its life and personality are enzymes. They govern all body processes. The malfunction of even one enzyme can be fatal. Nothing in nature is so vital and tangible in our life as enzymes, and yet so poorly understood and appreciated by all but a few scientists." (14)

Dr. Kornberg calls enzymes "The Vital Force." (14)


Enzyme Organ Depletion Shortens Your Life

The faster you use up your enzymes the shorter your life. "The length of life is inversely proportional to the rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential of an organism." (15a)

Each young organ cell may have 5000 enzymes... old ones have perhaps 50. According to Dr. Howell, one of the top researchers in enzyme nutrition, says "Humans eating an enzymeless diet use up a tremendous amount of their enzyme potential in lavish secretions of the pancreas and other digestive organs. The result is

  • a shortened lifespan (65 years or less as compared with 100 or more),
  • illness, and
  • lowered resistance to stresses of all types, psychological and environmental." (15b)

Enzymes Strengthen Your Organs, Immune System, and Prolong Your Life

Drs. Lopez, Williams and Miehlke report in their book Enzymes: The Fountain of Life that "enzymes are required for the proper and normal function of every organ system." (16a)

"The European experience suggests that the enzymes have beneficial therapeutic effect on various disturbances affecting the body's defense system including

  • inflammation,
  • circulatory disturbances,
  • cell degeneration and
  • viral infections." (16b)

"Cancer cells can grow because of the absence of the enzymes... The more cancer cells the body produces the more enzymes the body needs". (16c)

"The enzymes have also been used preventively to minimize the ill effects associated with the gradually shrinking enzyme activity of the body during aging." (16b)


Organs Contain the Enzyme Building Blocks to Heal Your Whole Body

3. What are enzymes? Enzymes are catalysts. Most are proteins. Amino acids are their building blocks. Every organ cell contains over 5,000 enzymes. "..vitamins or co-enzymes.. help vitality, enzymes bring about, step by step, metabolic activity and specific digestive processes (general dehydrogenation) and oxidation, prevent intermedial metabolites of which some are poisonous and may lead to cataract, stone formation or chronic inflammations." (17a)

The most important enzymes in chronic disease - especially cancer - are the oxidizing (oxygen reacting) enzymes according to Dr. Max Gerson. His major focus in his book, A Cancer Therapy is liver enzymes. Why? Because the liver contains most of the oxidizing Enzymes like catalase, amino acid oxidase, cytochrome-c etc to fight free radicals and bring oxygen to healthy cells. What he found was that "All these are are lower in activity in…hepatoma (liver cancer) than in normal or regenerating liver." (17b) In aging and disease cell enzyme levels could drop in your body by 100 times.

For more information about enzymes see the Flash Presentation of The Ultimate Guide For Getting Healthy: Discover Enzymes


Organs Provide the Essence of Life

Bob Flaws, one of the world's best known authorities on Chinese medicine says "Most of the foods which Chinese dietary theory identifies as directly supplementing kidney yin are animal meats and organs." (18)

Healthy Chinese eat liver, heart, kidney etc.which are naturally high in vitamins (coenzymes), minerals, enzymes (amino acid building blocks) to rebuild their loss of enzymes. "Animal meats and organs are made from the same molecules and constituents as our own body, our own substance. Therefore, such animal foods are the most direct way to get the building blocks and constituents of this yin essence." (18)

Irving Fisher professor of Yale University wrote in Journal of American Medical Association indicated that the loss of a natural desire for the most important foods for the body must be reversed. "Doubtless in the scheme of nature man was provided with healthy, normal instincts. But, as often happens in diseased conditions, the food instinct has sometimes become perverted and cannot be trusted. To re-establish the instinctive guides to food selection should doubtless be the ultimate aim of the physician." (10)

Organs Need the Most Red Blood Cell Oxygen (19, 20)

4. Why is this instinct to eat organ meat so important?

Because your organs are the major manufacturers of red blood cells. Making red blood cells to carry oxygen to all your cells is the number one job of your body. Your body needs to make over

2 million red blood cells every second. According to The Merck Manual a leading medical text "The kidney has the highest oxygen and glucose consumption per gram and is therefore vulnerable to toxins affecting cell energetics." (20)

No wonder more people by far are now waiting for kidney transplants than any other organ. If your body does NOT get the red blood cells it needs from the food you eat, it will breakdown the protein enzymes it needs from the organs and muscles of the body to make red blood cells, thus weakening your entire immune system. (21)

Organs that Make the Most RBC's

Dr. G. H. Whipple scientifically proved that organ protein foods were the most effective in making Red Blood Cells. (22) This discovery won him the Nobel prize in medicine in 1934. (23)

The Top Five Foods

  • Stomach
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Spleen
  • Heart

These top five organs are the basis of Prime Enzyme Nutrition.


G.H. Whipple
Nobel Prize Winner

Healthy People Eat Prime Enzyme Food

The value of prime food selection has been proven over and over again in the classic nutritional book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (13) by Dr. Weston Price. Dr. Touhy in Journal of American Medical Association says this about Dr. Price's book. "Is diet at fault? Weston Price thinks so. All nutritionists should read his book."

He has gathered information from all around the world. The illustrations alone would seem to prove his thesis: native peoples (on the most varied source foods), when they get a balanced food and avoid overrefinement of flours and sugar excesses, bear children with properly formed jaws; the teeth are regularly spaced and both gums and teeth survive." (24)

The pictures of the Seminole Indians are in this book (p. 96, 97) Dr. Price showed that cultures or part of the culture that follows the healthy instincts of nature by including prime enzyme organ food in their diet live a life of vitality and happiness consistently producing healthy offspring and rarely if ever needed doctors, dentists, hospitals or prisons.


What is Organ Nutrition? "Like Heals Like"

It is the safe ingestion of organ meat used as a therapy to strengthen a similar weak organ. Medically it is called Organotherapy and this popular form of treatment is the basis of Endocrinology. It is founded on Hallion's law which states: "Extracts of an organ exert on the same organ an exciting influence which lasts for a longer or shorter time. When the


organ is insufficient, it is conceivable that this influence augments its action, and, when it is injured, that it favors its restoration." (25)

In Chinese empirical medicine a tried and true statement that directs treatment is: xin xu; bu xin meaning heart weak:strengthen heart, gan xu; bu gan: liver weak: strengthen liver.


What is the science behind Organ Nutrition?

Medical researchers Kment (26) and Schmid (27) in two separate studies used radioactive isotope tracing of various glands to show how injected glandular tissue cells/nutrients were absorbed by the blood stream and deposited mainly in the tissues of the corresponding gland.

What this implies is, when you eat chicken hearts and break it down in your stomach and process it in your liver, those prime heart nutrients end up in your blood stream and go mainly to your heart to rebuild it and make it healthy.

This is the same when you take liver, kidney, spleen or stomach. The use of Organotherapy has proved to be very successful in the medical practices of thousands of American doctors. See some of the research in Part II.


How can you best benefit from Prime Enzyme Nutrition?

"The most important thing in choosing the right medicine in professional Chinese medicine is to base treatment on the patient's pattern" (28) says Bob Flaws an authority in Chinese medicine.

1. First Treat the Pattern
2. Second Treat the Symptoms

Many practitioners and others who treat themselves whether it is the the use of vitamins, minerals, special foods, herbs or drugs often base their treatment on the name of the disease or symptom.

"There is headache medicine, ulcer medicine, constipation medicine" (28) etc. It is a focus on the disease or symptom.

In Chinese medicine the focus is first on the whole person and their particular pattern and second on the symptoms. "When a medicine provokes unwanted side effects in some patients, it is because that medicine was not the right medicine for that person." (28)

So the most effective use in knowing what and how much prime enzyme nutrition would be right for you is to first determine your pattern by a Holistic practitioner trained in pattern discrimination. If you do not have one, go to The Pulse's "Finding an Acupuncturist" Resource.

For symptoms you can take a Wellness Self Test described later.

Are their tests to determine your pattern?

Yes. There are three major medical tests to determine your pattern which can assist the Holistic practitioner in the best application of prime enzyme nutrition in a precise, predictable and effective manner.

These tests include the CRT 2000, Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and Hair Mineral Analysis. There is also a Wellness Self Test.

1.What is the CRT 2000?

Computerized Regulation Thermography

  • "Scanning for Organ-Energy Status" (29)
  • Safe and non-invasive skin temperature test
  • Test skin before and after mild cold stimuli
  • Patterns of temperature reveal internal organ status
  • Hot implies inflammation, Cold-allergic/degeneration
  • Checks stress pattern of Heart, Stomach, Liver, Kidney
  • Approved by FDA in 1997 for "adjunctive diagnosis
    of inflammatory conditions" and 5 other areas
  • Approved by FDA for licensed health professionals


2. What is Chinese Pulse Diagnosis?

A test that examines the pulse on the wrists to assess the pattern of imbalance of the internal organs

  • "The chief means of diagnosis employed" (30a) in Classic
  • Used for the past 4000 years in Chinese medicine.
  • Checks the sounds of the pulse for internal organs
  • Checks for imbalance of Yin (cold) and Yang (hot)

"The task of the physician was to judge the state of of the disease-its cause and its duration, whether it was chronic or acute, whether it would result in death or in recovery-by the volume, strength, weakness, regularity or interruptions of the four main varieties of pulse beats." (30b)

Some resources for more information on Chinese Pulse Diagnosis:


3. What is Hair Mineral Analysis?

A scientific test that measures the amount of
minerals and toxic metals like mercury in the hair.
"Over 1500 citations in the world's scientific and
medical literature attest to the usefulness of hair
analysis as a screening diagnostic tool." (31)

Dr. Wilson who has run over 10,000 hair tests says: "Mineral Patterns Reflect:

  • Your metabolic rate
  • Energy levels
  • Stage of Stress
  • Glandular activity" (32)

Most important your hair reveals if your metabolism is too fast (hot/Yang) or too slow (cold/Yin). This is vital information to create a specific prime enzyme nutritional program that balances you.

4. What is the Wellness Self Test?

It is test on the web in which you check off the health benefits you desire. An individualized wellness program including prime enzyme dietary supplements will than be created and sent to your personal e-mail address. Length of test a few minutes. If you are interested click here.

For more information on Prime Enzyme Nutrition click www.primezyme.com or if you have questions write to Dr Nickel at drnickel@primezyme.com

Next Month:


There is more. Next Month in the December issue of The Pulse of Oriental Medicine you will discover prime enzyme nutrition for reducing excess fat, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart pain, paralysis and more as we trace the use of prime enzyme nutrition from 2500 BC to the present. Discover how you can begin to successfully use this vital nutrition for yourself and those you are committed to support.


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