La Jolla, the Jewel of San Diego, California, America's Finest City

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Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc
Your Guide to La Jolla, California

I live in San Diego, and my Toastmasters of La Jolla club takes me near these beautiful La Jolla Bed Breakfasts every week!


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La Jolla Bed Breakfast

La Jolla, California, is an upscale, coastal community on the north side of America's Finest City. It features two great bed breakfast options.

(The origin of the name "La Jolla" is obscure. It is pronounced like "Lah Hoy-ya", not "Lah Ho-ya" as it should be in Spanish.)

You have two major options if you're looking for a La Jolla Bed Breakfast:

  1. The Bed and Breakfast Inn at La Jolla
  2. The Scripps Inn

La Jolla's 'Bed and Breakfast Inn '

The Bed and Breakfast Inn at La Jolla

Lovely, historical, bed breakfast located in the heart of La Jolla. They have a garden and a library. Complimentary seasonal fruit, fresh flowers, fine sherry in crystal decanters, and terry robes await you in your room. Suites are named and have various features. Some have deck, double tub, complimentary mini bar, etc.

La Jolla's 'Scripps Inn' is a beautiful La Jolla Bed Breakfast

The Scripps Inn

Large comfortable rooms all have ocean views. Suites have various features including full kitchen, fireplace, fridge, ironing board, private entrance, satellite/cable TV, telephone, copier, fax machine. Suites also have microwave/toaster, radio with alarm clock,
free newspaper, coffee maker, etc.

After you get settled in, if you're in town on a Tuesday evening, come check out our Toastmasters of La Jolla meeting from 6:30 to 8:00pm. It's more entertaining than TV, you can meet real La Jollans, and you just might learn something! Besides, we usually go to Karl Strauss after to talk, drink, and eat. Fun and fellowship.

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