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Bed Breakfast Southern California
By Brian Benjamin Carter, MSci, LAc

I'm a total enthusiast about how much there is to do in where I live, in Southern California! So, I wanted to overwhelm you with a lot of quality web links and reviews.
Check them out below!

Looking for a romantic spot or just a stop along the way through southern California?

Do you want to bed breakfast Southern California?

I bet you didn't know it was a verb... "to bed breakfast" or "to bed and breakfast" in a beautiful location, whether it's romance, comfort, great food, great views, hot tubs, fun, and/or peace and quiet you're looking for, I want to help you bed breakfast southern California, one of the greatest spots in out great country!

For more info, activities, and destinations for your vacation southern California.

Big Websites You Can Search

First, let's start with meta-searches. Here are websites you can use to search thousands of listings to find your best bed breakfast southern California style!

1st Traveler's Choice Lodging Directory of Bed and Breakfast,
Country Inns, Small Hotels, Ranches,
and Vacation Rentals - here's the link to their page of california b&b's, and of course plenty of links to help you find the best bed breakfast southern california. has the name, the search engine, the pictures... what more could you want when looking for your southern California bed and breakfast? If you are thinking of specific areas, however, and want some local insights, keep reading.

Area-Specific Guides to Finding Your Bed Breakfast Southern California

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In the Southern California Mountains:

Thinking Big Bear? Hiking, mountain biking (Big Bear Lake hosts the NORBA bike races every year), fishing (Big Bear Lake sponsors the fishing for 50K contest each June), horseback riding, antiquing, canoeing, bird watching, star gazing, or even just taking all the clean air and blue skies, you'll want to check out this link for a great Big Bear bed breakfast southern California.

How about Lake Arrowhead, for hiking and fishing? Find more places, photos, and information here for your Lake Arrowhead bed breakfast southern California.

Looking for a Los Angeles Area Bed Breakfast Southern California?

Whether you're visiting family, heading to Disneyland, touring Hollywood, or just checking out one of the most famous cities in the world, you can find your bed breakfast southern California from one of these links:

Thinking About an Orange County Bed Breakfast Southern California?

But let me tell you about one of the coolest places to visit in Orange County, Balboa Island! Part of Newport Beach, Balboa Island is man-made. You have to take a ferry to get there, and you can take your car on some ferries. Other than the great shops and restaurants, and super-friendly people, their biggest "big deal" is the Christmas Parade they've put on since 1908. What more could you want in a location for a bed breakfast southern California?

Visiting the San Diego area, and looking for a Bed Breakfast Southern California?

  • Coronado is a unique area not to be missed... it's a classy island and community unto itself off the coast of San Diego, and you can get there via the marvelous and curvy Coronado bridge, or the old-school route via the ferry. You may also be interested in the historic Hotel Del.
  • Del Mar is perhaps the most affluent coastal community in San Diego, and a beautiful, relaxing place to visit. Try Epazote's blackened fish taco if you decide to bed breakfast southern California here!
  • Encinitas, ah, the ocean, the sun, the hippies... and some really nice restaurants! If you decide to bed breakfast southern California in Encinitas, and you like italian, try Vigilucci's. You won't be disappointed.
  • Julian is such an important spot to San Diego, that during the 2003 southern California wildfires, the fire(wo)men made a stand there, and managed to save it! This town really takes the cake as a romantic getaway- it's surrounded by hills, hiking, near Lake Cuyamaca, it's peaceful, quaint, a historic village, and they're famous for their apple pie! A great choice for a bed breakfast southern California spot.
  • La Jolla, like Del Mar, is an upscale, affluent oceanside community. La Jolla has a lot better shopping, and more restaurants, though. If you don't mind a few crowds at times, it's nice place for your bed breakfast visit. (see picture below)
La Jolla, California
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